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DS: Closet Cleaning Angelic Pretty, h.naoto, Body Line, Secet Shop & handmade

Location: Texas, USA
Payment: I accept Paypal Only! No fees.
Shipping: My prices DO NOT include shipping. I ship worldwide.
Additional info: First to pay will get the item. Please when leaving comment with definite intent to purchase leave your zipcode (for US buyers) or country & paypal address so I can send you an invoice immediately. If there are multiple interested parties in the same item, if you do not pay invoice within 24 hours I will cancel invoice and move to the next interested buyer.
My Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1208356.html

Angelic Pretty Large Gingham OP - $58SOLD
Angelic Pretty one piece dress w/matching choker. Has shirring in the front which makes for a comfortable chest fit. The zipper in back has a spot where it likes to hang, but it does easily zip up once you get past the point.

Hello Lace Measurements:
92cm length (skirt length: 52cm), 35cm shoulder width, 88cm bust, 72cm waist, 23cm sleeve length, 22~44cm cuff
With the shirring it comfortably fits me with a 90cm bust and 80cm waist.

Offbrand Black Blouse - $25

Brand new, only tried on by the previous owner and myself.
It's 88cm in the bust and didn't quite button up on me so I'm just trying to find it a new home.

h.Naoto Anarchism Shirt - $30

I think I'm the third owner but it was never worn by the second. Loved but still in great condition. There are runs in the fabric from the original design, I did not rip it myself, it came that way. As far as sizing it's about a US Medium size.

Bodyline Blouse - $15 - SOLD
Bodyline Blouse - size M 88cm bust. (no longer on the website, can't get exact measurements)
Detachable sleeves. Laceup back, but I have lost the ribbon. Worn half a dozen times, still great condition. I will kind of miss it but it was always a little too small in the bust for me.

Black & Tartan Tiered Skirt - $12

I made this to use with a punk lolita coordiante. It's all cotton. Machine washable and dryable. I wore it a couple of times, but it doesn't really go with anything anymore. Waist is elastic it was made for a 34" waist and I wouldn't recommend much smaller (it was a teensie bit big when I got it finished), but it can go bigger. It's still very much solid black, but my camera only kept washing it out in the photos.
75cm (29.5in) - unstretched
108cm (42.5in) - full stretch
Length - 50cm (20in)

Red & Pink Tiered Skirt - $10

This was the first lolita style skirt I made. I only wore it a couple of times. It's not perfect, but might be a good starter for someone. The waist is elastic. I think I was about a 34" waist when I made this.
69cm (27in) - unstretched
102cm (40in) - full stretch
Length - 44cm (17.5in)

Black & Grey Swirls Skirt - $5SOLD
Hand made, not by me. Unsure if it was ever worn before. Would be a good starter piece.
I did not personally like the closure in the back.
Waist - 85cm (33.5in)
Length - 42cm (16.5in)

Blue Stripe Skirt - $7

Hand made, not by me.
I LOVE THIS SKIRT! Sadly it does not fit in with my wardrobe anymore. It came into my possession with an unfinished wast band and I finished it. I've worn it once.
53cm (21in) - unstretched
99cm (39in) - full stretch
Length - 42cm (16.5in)

Pink Roses Skirt - $8

Hand made, not by me.
Really cute skirt, would be a great starter piece. It came into my possession with an unfinished waist band and I finished it.
56cm (22in) -unstretched
109cm (43in) - full stretch
Length - 37cm (14.5in)

Pink Underskirt - $3SOLD
Handmade not by me.
I'm calling this an underskirt becuase the fabric seems to have had a flaw and it is sort of streaked oddly, but might work as an extra under layer. It came into my possession with an unfinished waist band and I finished it.
79cm (31in) - unstretched
132cm (52in) - full stretch
Length - 41cm (16in)

Secret Shop Knee Socks - $7SOLD
Secret Shop Knee Socks
Brand New still in package.

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