Fluffy (lil_kitt) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

URGENT WTB: Sugary carnival with headbow (or any black x colorful jsk)

Hello ! I would like to wear this JSK to a dinner event next week and it would be swell if anyone could offer to sell it to me real quick !

For SC I'm mainly considering the DOL replica considering the likelihood of me getting one within a short period of time is much higher. However I am able and willing to buy the original if you offer me a decent price.

I am looking for the BLACK JSK version, preferably with headbow, but even if you don't have the headbow, give me an offer for the JSK anyway !

Please list the following:

1. price of the item(s)

2. what are the fastest shipping options available, amount of time it might take and cost

4. total cost

If you are in Singapore I would be willing to meet up to buy / hand over cash or even borrow the dress set from you for a day !

My feedback link is here but at the moment I don't have any feedbacks because I have been inactive on the sales comm for a while, and I no longer have my old feedbacks from the previous database. :<

Thank you very much !

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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