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SS: Offering SS For San Francisco Stores (BTSSB, AATP, & AP)

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1421208.html
It's blank as of right now, as sellers I have done business with have not left any feedback. v.v

Hello all!
I am making a trip to San Francisco on Wednesday, August 31st, and I figured I might as well offer up a shopping service. Short notice, I know, but I didn't consider this until I saw someone post looking for a San Francisco SS.
I can make a stop at the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright / Alice And The Pirates store in Japantown as well as the Angelic Pretty / Putumayo / Atelier Pierrot store in Union Square.

You can contact the BTSSB / AATP store by emailing them:
They will check their stock for any dresses, shoes, etc. that you might be looking for and will even give you the price.

I'm not completely sure what the best way to contact the Angelic Pretty store is, as I have never done so, but here is their contact information listed on their blog:
[[ I know they just got a shipment in of the newest print (Wonder Story) in all three styles and colorways, though I'm not sure what is left. Everything was still there a week ago. ]]

If there are any other stores in the Japantown or Union Square area that you are interested in purchasing from, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. =]

The SS fee would be 10% of total cost (including tax, which I can figure out myself even if the stores don't include it in the quote they give you).
The buyer pays shipping. You can choose whichever method you'd like, though USPS is preferred.
So the cost would be total price + 10% commission + shipping price

PayPal is preferred, but bank transfers are also welcome. =]

Please do not ask me if one of the stores has a certain item in stock. It would take just as much time, if not more, for me to contact them and ask as it would for you to do it. Thanks.
The only exception to this rule is if you live out of the country and would like to know immediately if one of the stores has something in stock. International calling is expensive, I know, so I would be willing to call them for you.

If you know what you'd like to purchase, please fill out the following:
Name: (First only is alright. Just would like to know how to address you.)
EGL Feedback:
Item Name(s):
Item URL/Picture(s): (Optional. Would be a lot of help in identifying the correct item.)
Size(s) (if needed):
Total Price of Item(s): (I'll calculate shipping and commission myself)
PayPal Address: (If you do not wish to post it here, as I may not be able to screen it right away, please PM me instead.)

PM orders are acceptable.
I don't have a minimum or maximum number of orders. Payment plans are accepted, but remember that there's not much time before I make the trip to San Francisco. I'd like to have the total price in my PayPal account before I go.

Thank you! =]
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