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!DS: Anna House, Bodyline, Offbrand: Skirts, Blouse, Accessories, Many Shoes Size 7 and 7.5

Here is my feedback page: The prices on the items listed do not include shipping costs. If you are interested in an item or items, please leave a comment specifying which item(s) you plan to buy and your zip code (if you live in the United States) or country of residence (if you live elsewhere). I will calculate the shipping cost, then respond to your comment shortly (probably within 2 days). The first person to leave their Paypal address will get priority for the specified item(s). If you have expressed interest in an item or items, but decide that you no longer plan to buy it/them for whatever reason, PLEASE leave a comment telling me that you have decided to pass.CLOTHING: Note: all measurements for clothing were taken while the clothes were lying flat. Depending on the elasticity of the fabric, some of the clothes can fit body measurements a few inches/cm larger than the specified measurements. If you are unsure whether you will fit, leave me a comment with your measurements and I'll let you know.
Black and pink Bodyline Skirt:  SOLD   

Dark pink blouse with cream embroidery: $15

bust: 35in/89.5cm
waist: 38in/97cm
shoulder width: 15in/38.5cm
length: 23in/59cm

Red and white plaid skirt: $15 waist: 27in/69cm
length: 22.5in/57.5cm


White Mary Janes type #1: $5
Note: there is tape on the soles of these shoes to prevent them from slipping on carpet. Size: 7
Heel height: 1/2 inch

White Mary Janes type #2: $10 Size: 7.5
Heel height: flat

Black bow flats: SOLD

Red sequin flats: $10 Size: loose 7.5
Heel height: flat

Anna House pink bow Mary Janes: $20
Note: there is a loop on the back of the shoes for an ankle strap, but this strap is not included. The loop can be easily tucked inside the shoes and hidden. Size: 7.5
Heel height: 1 inch

Glossy red bow shoes: $35
Note: the bows are detachable. Size: 7.5
Heel height: 1.5 inches


Black velvet and purple satin wrist cuffs: SOLD

Black and red dragon pendant on velvet choker: $8

Pink satin rose brooch: free with any purchase

Black with red top thigh-high socks: SOLD

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