Nancy (aufgeruescht) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DT Midsummer Nights Dream for your..?

I recently bought the Midsummer Nights Dream Jumperskirt Type I but unfortunately it doesn't fit me ;_; I'm not the first owner but it is in perfect condition.

See the measurements here.

So I'd like to trade it for a Vampire Requiem JSK in blue or red (both first choices!!) or APs Star Night Theater in blue or black. The Chess Chocolate strapless Version in beige or chocolate is also on my wishlist ^_^
But feel free to offer other AATP prints. Or dresses from Moitie, Mary Magdalene oder Victorian Maiden.
Partial trade is ok, too. No skirts or dresses without prints.

Some rules concering the trade:
You have to send the dress with insured shipping (we have to discuss how high the insurance has to be) and pay for the shipping yourself. So do I.

You find my feedback here!! (only positive)

Tags: !dt, alice and the pirates
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