nana_miwi (nana_miwi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: White Heart Bag

I want to buy this bag, only in White.

I am willing to pay 35 USA dollars+ shipping for it if it is USED. If it's new, I can pay a little more. This is for the Midofi replica one.(with tracking)

I am also interested on Baby's original one, but I can't pay more than 70$+shipping. (with tracking)

If you don't agree with my prices, you can always make me an offer.
I am also willing to trade my Baby OP for it. It's full shirred, so it's nice for larger busts or waists. It has small yellow stains I didn't try to remove, it came already that way. Never used by me, bought second hand.


" />

My feeback page:

Thanks ♥

Tags: !dt, !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, taobao
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