LaPlaceDemon (laplacedemon) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: AATP for JetJ, IW, VM, Moitie

Feedback: Feedback
I ship from Sweden to anywhere with standard shipping.
Paypal only or if in Sweden, banktransfer
I traded this Stained glass long OP and I love it but I just can't wear light colored items.

Hello lace
Measurements: max B:94 W:75
I wish to sell it for 2500 SEK + shipping or trade for
IW emmie rose in blue

Victorian maiden fairy doll in a darker color not pink not white

Almost any classic lolita or religious printed jsk or shorter sleeved OP from Juliet et justine in size 2 preferbly in long and moitie in size 3 in dark blue, dark red and black.

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Tags: !ds, !dt
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