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DS: Meta, AP, GLW, offbrand!


- I'm located in California, USA.
- I accept paypal only.
- I am NOT responsible for lost packages.
- Prices do not include shipping or pp fees.
- Prices are flexible, I am willing to haggle!
- I am open to trades or partial trades.
- First to leave paypal gets the item.

- I have feedback here:


And here:



1. Meta Blackxwhite Gingham Jsk

Really adorable gingham jsk with polka-dot trim, detachable waist ties, and detachable center bow. On the bottom right portion of the skirt, there's some really nice embroidery with the brand name, and some rhinestones! The dress is in great condition and I have only worn it out twice. For measurements, I would suggest a 36" bust and smaller, and a smaller cup size to avoid boob loafage.


Laid out:

A closeup of the embroidery (here you can also clearly see that the dress isn't gray, but rather, blackxwhite):

Price: $71.00+shipping+pp fees


2. AP Black Jewelry Jelly Headbow

I received this headbow along with my matching JJ jumperskirt, but I ended up deciding that the headbow is too big for my taste, and that it doesn't go too well with my short hair. I am the second owner, but it's in perfect condition.

Closeup of little plastic star hanging on the side:

Price: $50.00+shipping+pp fees OBO


3. Light Brown Long Curly GLW

I bought this not too long ago, only to discover that it's much too light-colored for my skin tone :[. I've only tried it on a few times, but the person I bought this from described a little frizziness on the underside of the wig. I haven't really noticed the frizziness myself, but I thought it best to say so, anyways. Long wig, comes with two clip in ponytails.

Stock photo:

Proof photo:

Price: $40.00+shipping+pp fees


5. black flocky rose print handbag

A really cute offbrand bag I picked up at a local store around here quite a while ago. I've never used it because I have another black bag that I prefer, so I think it's time for this one to go. It's got a soft flocky rose bouquet print that I'd always thought would match well with btssb's rose candle print :D. The bag looks slightly pink in the photo, but it's really more of a black with a slight hint of a dark gray background.

Closeup of the rose print:

Price: $15.00+shipping+pp fees


Thank you very much, everyone! If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :).

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, metamorphose
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