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WARNING: happyrosebuds

I have already left her negative feedback but i felt that i should fully warn other people since most people don't check feedback fully.

I WILL NEVER BUY FROM HERE AGAIN.. and i wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy.
I have a long story I warn you.I am not sure how to deal with this girl anymore, this has been a nightmare transaction. this is the tracking number i was provided: LC920837044US 

June 15th. (also day after Canada post strike ended) I completed a payment plan of 2 weeks with happyrosebuds , I should add before finishing my payment plan she also changed things. I was told I was purchasing jewelry jelly + matching top hat, she changed her mind and decided not to sell the top hat; after I had already started paying. She agreed to send the matching head bow in place and slightly lower the price. Which I was NOT pleased with, but i stilled paid because it was a dress i really liked. 

Mid july - I send her a message because I had still not received my items. She claims it might because of the canada post strike. I let it go even though I've sent and received at least 10-15 packages in that time. Also if you look at the tracking number it says she shipped it out july 5th.. so she obviously took over two weeks to ship my items. 

Aug 1st - the tracking number she had given me says the packages was at a different address in her city. At this point I message her asking what is going on because it's well beyond time it should take for something to get from the usa to canada even if you shipped it the slowest method possible and the tracking number said it went to her city. The only reason at this point i hadn't asked paypal to get my money back is because she was still communicating with me, her feedback doesn't seem too bad except one person complaining she changed her mind on selling things to them. 

Two days later- she sends me a message saying the package has been returned to her, this is has happened to the last 4 packages she has send. A day or two later she send me a message saying she is going to ship it ups, when she receives the dress back as the slowest method ~ any tracking or anything else was at my cost. i told her that as the seller it's her responsibility to get it to me as soon as possible since it's been like 2 months, i had already paid for tracking, it's clearly her mistake if it's happened 4 other times and that it was ridiculous to think i would hand over any more money. 

last week- I still have no gotten a package, nor had she given me a single update, so Monday i told her if she didn't get me the dress or my money back by today(friday) i was going to leave negative feedback and post this situation on the forum for everyone to see. 

last friday she finally contacts me back, for the first time through this whole situation she mentioned that she'd refund me if she can't get the dress back (which at this point should be the solution because I'm sick of waiting for this dress i don't even want it after all the crap i've had to go through with this) then two mins later sends me a message saying shes contacting a mod to help her; clearly shes just looking for a way to escape responsibility and negative feedback. 

so instead of contacting me; she contacts mods. Then tells me she will NOT ship me my dress i have no choice but to take her RIDICULOUS payment plan of 2-4 months.. when i paid her in 2 weeks.. please take a look at the caps, i still have not received ANY money or my dress.

♡ URL: i have no clue it was 3 months ago but here is a link to all the caps i have from her via pm


update aug 28th: i have recieved a payment from her of 100 dollars. 

UPDATE NOVEMBER 1: even though she was banned she kept her word and refunded me it took awhile but i have been fully refunded as of today. She mentioned she was going through a tough time (which i don't feel right saying because it's personal) she also apologized to me. I appreciate her refunding me even though she is banned for comm sales and paypal couldn't do anything for me. Again, i'm glad she was honest enough to do it herself.  i am thankful to her for being a honest seller in the end.

i still wouldn't buy from her again, not because she's a dishonest seller but because clearly there are issues with her postal service internationally and i  wouldn't want to go through that again however if  your in the usa i think it's more then safe to buy from her.

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