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DS: Meta socks, Meta bag, Meta necklace, Montreal boots size 9.5/10, GLBs, La Vie En Rose

- All prices are in USD do not include shipping
- All prices are negotiable
- All items are sold as is and I do not accept returns
- All measurements are amateur and may not be 100% accurate
- I am not willing to trade for anything at the moment
- Priority goes to the first person to leave their PayPal
- Feedback can be found here (EGL Feedback) and also here (eBay Feedback).

Red and White Striped Metamorphose Socks - SOLD

embroidery detail

These are brand new red and white striped Meta ankle socks. They have white lace on the top with a red bow and have embroidered cherries on them. Underneath the cherries Metamorphose is embroidered in gold. They are brand new with tags and has never been worn.

Cream Candy House Socks - $20 OBO

These are cream and brown Candy House knee socks. The have off white lace and a cream satin bow at the top. They are about 16 in long. They have never been worn.

Black Royal Frame 2 Way Bag - SOLD


This is a black Royal Frame 2 way bag. It can be used as show in the pictures above with the top corners pulled out or it can be used like this with the corners tucked in. It has one external zipped pocket on the back and three internal pockets, one of which is also a zipped pocket.

12.5 in x 6 in x 9.5 in

Antique Gold Royal Frame Necklace - SOLD

close up

This is an antique gold Royal Frame necklace. It was not sold online or in stores and was only available as part of a novelty fair. It has only been worn once.

The chain is about 16 in long with a 2 in extender.

White Montreal Boots size 9.5/10 US - $30 OBO

These are an older pair of Montreal boots that are in fair condition. The were only worn for one weekend and definitely show signs of wear due to the cheapness of them. They are also missing the bows that came with them. They are made of fake leather and have fake cork soles. The heel is about 2.5 inches high and the boot itself is about 13.5 inches tall (including the heel).

There are creases on both of the boots around the ankle from when they were originally shipped to me. There are also scuffs on the toes, the inner sides of the shoes, and there is one on the inside left heel (it may just be dirt but I haven't tried to get it off). There are slight tears on the toes as well. There are marks on the heels that look like the fake cork is wrinkled. I have done my best at photographing all of the damage and will also be willing to haggle. Please do remember that shoes are heavy and the shipping on these will be expensive.

damage details

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GLB Vol. 8 - $15 OBO

Japanese Gothic & Lolita Bible, in very good condition. The back cover has been folded and has some slight creases but the front is in very good condition. There are also normal signs of wear but nothing major aside from the back cover. The patterns and stickers are still inside.

English GLB Vol. 1 - SOLD

English Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 1, in fair condition. It has a few creases on the cover, some light scratches, and a fold. The back also has some dents in it but I could not get them to show up in a picture. The patterns are still inside.

English GLB Vol. 2 - SOLD

English Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 2, in very good condition. The back has some very light scratches and dents on it but I could not get them to show up in a picture. The patterns are still inside.

La Vie En Rose Vol. 1 & 2 - $15 OBO

This was an English magazine that was started by members of EGL! There were only two issues but they were quite lovely.

They are both in fair condition. The covers have a fold on them and some light scratches.
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