Lady-Yumi (lady_yumi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: tops and shoes, AatP, TUK, Tralala, offbrand

★ only paypal paiment
★ shipping fees are not included in prices
★ I'm from France and I used to sell clothes on loli forums since more than 2 years
here my feedback page

Alice and the Pirates "Sleeping crown" black cardigan
buy new and only worn 3 times - perfect condition
bust 90 cm
sleeve 47 cm
I sell it 60 €

white camisole with glitters
never worn and buy new - perfect condition
bust 75 ~ 85 cm
I sell it 18 €

T.U.K. Shoes
black x black cat design
buy new but worn few times - good condition (used as you see in the pictures)
EU Size 38
I sell it 30 €
new shoes on the left - shoes now in sale on the right

wear and tear :

OFFBRAND  satin off white blouse
EU size 36
buy new but worn few times - perfect condition
I sell it 7 €

OFFBRAND black long sleeves blouse
buy new but worn twice - very good condition
I sell it 7 €

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, offbrand
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