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DS: Moving sale/Closet Cleanout. $100 and under


*Prices not including shipping.  
*If you have alergies, please by with caution.  I have cats, and though they're not allowed in my room, there may be stray hairs. Though,  I'll try to remove any I find to the best of my ability.

BABY Myania Onepiece $80 OBO

my picture
Lightly used condition.  I adore the casualness of this onepiece, but I'm a bit small for it.

Yoke Lace Jumperskirt/ ヨークレースジャンパースカート,  $100 OBO 

my picture
Hello lace
Used condition. It's really gorgeous, but I don't think I pull it off as well as somebody else might.  There's a very small stain in the front and on the underside of the bow.

Simple Pullover/シンプルプルオーバー, $80 OBO 

my picture
Hello lace
Used condition.  I really love this pullover, but it sadly doesn't go with anything I have.

Black Angelic Pretty Special Set (Onepiece and Headbow, without apron)  $100 OBO 

my picture 
Hello lace
Lightly used condition.  This is the black version, I purchased seperately from the apron.  Only onepiece and headbow included!

Meta 2005 Lucky Pack Blue Gingham Jumperskirt $85

Used conditon.  This has been sitting in my closet for quite some time and deserves a new home.

In The Starlight Maxicimam JSK Replica $60 OBO 

Used condition.  A replica of this jumperskirt from MAXICIMAM, I commissioned from In the Starlight ages ago. Made to my measurements B31 & W26, and would probably fit up to a 33" bust? The left applique has a yellow-ish stain on it.

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