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!DS: Bodyline, Swimmer, off-brand jewelry destash!

Hello! I'm selling a few lolita items for you guys. This is a pretty quick sale, since I'm leaving for a study abroad year in Japan in under 2 weeks. I wanted to clean out my closet a bit, plus have a little extra spending money in Japan :3

Note: I'm willing to accept reasonable offers, and it will make me happy if you want to bundle items together to save shipping costs ^_^

 Etsy Feedback 107/107 (100% Positive)
 Ebay Feedback 221/221 (100% Positive)
 LJ feedback (100% Positive)
 EGL Feedback (no transactions on the new feedback page yet ;^; sorry)


 Paypal only please! (I'll invoice you)
 Send payment BEFORE August 26th, 2011 (I'm leaving shortly after, and won't be able to ship out items after that date)
 International is okay, but shipping will be a bit more.
 I'm happy to combine shipping cost on items, just wait for an invoice.

 Measurements are taken with item laying flat. (so if I say 'waist: 10', that really means all the way around its ~20")
 If you need additional measurements let me know ASAP!!

(My proof of ownership is the little pink bear!)

1) Bodyline Black & White Bonnet $10 (shipped) 
$8 if shipped with another item!

This bonnet is beautiful. I never wore it out, since I don't have a coordinate that goes with it. It's silky and soft, and was bought at the Bodyline store in Harajuku Japan when I went a few years ago. Please note one of the ribbon 'tails' on the farthest left rose was cut off due to damage. I have no clue how it was damaged, but when I went to look at my bonnet after a few years of it sitting on my shelf, I saw a tear :( I cut off the damaged part so it looks fine now! It's an easy fix if you MUST have it perfectly semetrical though.

Length: 12"
Height: 4"
Ribbon/Tie Length: ~23"

2) Swimmer Frilly Shorts $15 (shipped)

Stock Pick, including other shorts in this series:

The fabric pattern on these are adorable, and I believe I got them from a seller on EGL_Comm_Sales (livejournal). They were a tad small for me unfortunately :( They would work under a skirt, or just as sleep shorts.

Elastic waist: Max (fully stretched) 17" 
Top to bottom: 8"
Leg hole width: Max (fully stretched) 12"

3) Bodyline Fairy Tale Skirt, White $32 (shipped)
Love the print on this, but it was a bit smaller than what I had hoped. Comes with detachable fabric ties that can be tied to make a bow :D There is a section of elastic on the back, but the front is flat.

I tried to lighten the picture a bit to match the 'pure whiteness' of the actual skirt. sorry for suckiness.

detail of how skirt zips up and fastens. Very well made.

Bodyline's Stock Picture:

Waist: Max (fully stretched) - 19", Min (not stretched)- 12" 
Length (top to bottom of lace):  21"
Ribbon Tie: 31"

4) White Bodyline Cutsew/Top $15 (shipped)

I got this shirt on egl_comm sales (livejournal) a few years back. I never really got around to wearing it. It's very cute though with the ruffles and lace. It's a stretchy shirt, except for the ends of the sleeves.

Height (top to bottom): ~20"
End of Sleeve Width: 5 1/2"
Waist/Torso Width: ~14" (very stretchy)
Shoulder to shoulder: ~19" (stretchy)
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam: 13" (stretchy)

5) Off-White Non-brand Cardigan $11 (shipped)

The tag was cut off of this cardigan, so I have no clue who made it. I believe it's vintage, as it was given to me by my mother (I never wore it though). This would be nice for more casual looks, or it could be revamped by a crafty loli (sew on bows, pearls, lace accents, etc) No holes, or tears! Looks great, and it STRETCHES! It fits nicely around the waist line and has pearly buttons.

I noticed a small brown  'dot' on the upper right hand corner of the cardigan, but it could probably be bleached or washed out. Can easily be covered by a small brooch (as in the pic)

Height: 21" (stretchy)
Shoulder Width: 18" (stretchy)

6) Crowns & Pearls Stretchy Bracelet $8 (shipped)
$6 if bought with another item!

This chunky bracelet is stretchy, has big pearls on it, and the charms are really nice as well. It's super pretty, but I only ended up wearing it a few times. It needs to be seen!!!! I hope someone out there will wear this often :3 If you wanted, you could deconstruct it and use the charms for other jewelry.

7) Assortment of Jewelry and Goodies!
Most of these are just 'best offer', but some items are a bit more expensive (see list below). Feel free to group and make offers as you wish! These are small enough to include with a larger item to save on shipping :)

1) Handmade headband. Wrapped with silky yellow ribbon, adorned with flowers and lace. ($10)
2) Pearl Headband (make offer)
3) Black Ribbon Shoe Clips. I believe these are vintage.
4) Upcycled Hair Pin. Made from an old earring. Very beautiful (make offer)
5) 2 Cabochon Carosel Ponies. Nice for decoden! (make offer)
6) Handmade Pony Fabric Bow. Slightly glittery ponies on black fabric, with hair clip on back.
7) Stretchy Plastic Pearl Bracelet
8) Heart Shaped Pink Macaroon Ring (make offer)  -pending
9) Black Roses Adjustable Ring (make offer)  -pending
10) Pink Rose Cabochon Hair Pin (make offer)
11) Glittery Black Rose Hair Clip (make offer)
12) Handmade Lacy Hair Comb. Adorned with cute heart shaped decoden! (make offer)
13) Light Pink Flower Earrings. Got these in Japan a long while ago. They have plastic backings instead of metal. (make offer)
14) Pearl and Leaf Charm. Could be used for decoden or other crafts. Used to be an earring I believe. (make offer)
15) Single Kitty Earring. Has a cute gold bow dangling from the tail! (make offer)
16) Single Pink Bow + Strawberry Earring. Made from plastic cabochon. (make offer)
17) Handmade Charm Bracelet. Various cute charms, plastic pearls, and bow beads. ($5)
18) Pink Rose Cabochon Earrings. (make offer)
19) Handmade Bow + Pearl White Heart Earrings.
20) Brown Bear Hair Clips. (make offer) -pending
21) Bow + Bell Zipper Pull. Has a lobster clasp that lets you attach it to a zipper, or use as a keychain. -pending

Almost everything in this lot is handmade, and most was bought on Etsy.

Please let me know if you have questions on any of these items. Thanks!

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