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!WTB: black shoes sz 25-25.5, black blouses to fit 37 bust, 31 waist, will consider pink (pref. US)

Hello!  Thanks for viewing my WTB page!


My preference in colors is leaning toward black because I have a couple primarily black coords I'm planning and black is in every one of my JSKs.  However, if someone shows me something in pink that I'm in love with I will consider that too!

My sizing:

-37 bust
-31 waist
-5'8'' height (so I'm kind of tall and have a bit of a longer torso)


-Detachable sleeves would be lovely but not necessary!
-I am interested in both long-sleeved and short.
-I would love to try something with neck ties if you have it!
-I will consider shirts leaning more toward gothic as well because I am planning a VR coord. :)
-Considering any brands listed in my tags.
-Please nothing too thin or see-through! :O  Thanks!

-Would love black SS teaparties!
-I'm looking for some that aren't RHS.
-Tea-party style would be lovely!  Something that won't kill my feet so much. :)
-Will still consider heels as long as they're chunky and safe for clumsy little me. x3
-Sticking to bodyline + used secret shop (and possibly offbrand) due to limited funds
-Please let me know if you have shoes bigger than 25.5 that definitely run small. :)  I will be interested in those too.

Thank you for looking! :)

Tags: !wtb, anna house, bodyline, dear celine, infanta, secret shop
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