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DT - Dreaming Macaron JSK in Pink! TRADED.

Feedback located here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1452729.html

Hey everyone!
In June, I bought this JSK to wear for my birthday.
It was my dream dress since it came out and I FINALLY got it! Only problem? I look like crap in halter styled dresses apparently. :/

I'm looking for any printed JSK from Baby, AATP or AP. Please only offer JSKs with a shirred back! Mint or black colourways are preferred, but I will look at anything!
Non-printed dresses are a-ok too! Just show me what you have!

I ship from Japan!

This dress has been worn 1 time by me for about 3 hours. It was owned by 1 other girl who said she only wore it once for about 2 hours as well. There are a couple tiny marks on the dress that look like they will come out no problem, I haven't tried to get them out. (I don't know what laundry detergent to get for lolita. I can't read the boxes because it's all in Japanese! D:) There are little rhinestones decorating the bow on the bust right now, but I can remove those if you wish. (They look cute though!)

Stains: (I tried to take as many pics as I could. They are all in the same area on the dress.)





Any questions? Just ask!
Thanks everyone!

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