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DS: A few dresses and shoes (Plus sizes)

After 1 year and some months of no attention to lolita, moving away from home, and other life changes I have decided to sell what I have.  I still love the style but it's simply not for me anymore.  My doll will take all the lolita I wished to be and she can be it until the day she falls off my shelf and shatters.

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/421770.html

Paypal only

All items will be shipped with delivery confirmation.

First one to post a paypal will have priority. 
No holds
No trades
No money orders
No partial trades

Items will be shipped same day or next day
I live in Coral Springs, FL

International lolita's please ask for shipping prices

The dresses fit me at 5'4" and reach to my knees.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Sweet Check OP


Condition: This dress is faded. I am the second or third owner and it has been worn many times. The lace at the back of the neck and fabric inside the back collar are yellowing (the fabric more so then the lace). A small spot is on the lace at the front of the dress. I barely noticed it and I am not quite sure what it is from. The two straps that tie about the neck are still colorful but are faded.

Price: $120 (Shipped)
Bust/Waist: ~124 cm (max)
Length: 96cm

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Bustle Back JSK


Condition: I am not the first owner and again this dress has been worn MANY times, however it has stayed in wonderful condition since I've gotten it. I have just check it over and found two lines on the middle layer of bustle. They are a light brown and about an inch long each and perhaps a 1-2mm thick. This dress has been in a box for the last 6 months so I am not sure where they came from but they look like they can be removed by a dry cleaner. The JSK is not faded or yellowing anywhere.

Price: $125 (Shipped)
Bust/Waist: ~124 cm
Length: 96cm

Metamorphose Sweets OP

Condition: I bought this from a user who lied and told me the dress was fine. The dress itself is fine, but a button is missing on either side (One side the lower and the other the higher button). Thankfully there are two buttons on either side so despite the missing one, the straps can still be tied. The dress no longer has any smell to it and I fixed the ribbon she lost in the collar. The dress so the most comfortable of the ones I own. It's light and airy. ^^

Price: $130 (Shipped)
Bust/Waist: ~124 cm
Length: 96cm

Shoes (All shoes are Montreal)

Size: 9.5
Condition: Rough around the bottoms, and the souls are beginning to separate. I believe it can be fixed by a shoe repair store.

Price: $40 shipped

Size: 9.5
Condition: Scuffed. Dented on the heels. Heels are slightly damaged at the soles from walking. Bow on the strap of the left shoe could use a bit of glue.

Price: $35 (shipped)


Size: 9
Condition: "cork" is slightly worn around the bottom but the soles and inside of the shoes have very minimal dirt or wear so I will assume that though I am the second or third owner,and I do not recall wearing them myself that they have not been worn as much as my other shoes.

Price: $40 (Shipped)
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, montreal
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