Dee (hnaod) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: aatp constellation skirt, brand socks, and shoes

  • PayPal in USD only

  • Prices include shipping and PayPal fees for US buyers

  • International buyers, please leave location for additional shipping cost

  • Shipping is through USPS Priority Mail so tracking is included, insurance is $1-3 more

  • US buyers and first to leave PayPal gets priority

  • All used items are appropriately cleaned

  • All measurements are taken to the best of my abilities, may not be 100% accurate

  • Caution: my roommate has a cat but he is not around my things

AATP constellation skirt (kinari/lavender) SOLD

Price: $145

Measurement: ~ 64 – 69 cm

Condition: new, only tried on.

AP border marine otk socks (red/pink)

Price: $30

Condition: great, worn once.

BTSSB knee-length socks

Price: $18

Condition: new, only tried on.

AATP constellation otk socks (kinari/lavender) SOLD

Price: $43

Condition: new, only tried on. Metallic threads can be a bit scratchy.

Kenzie shoes (black/burgundy)

Price: $30

Measurement: size US6.5, will fit ~ 23.5cm

Condition: very good, worn twice. Front part is embroidered black suede, back is burgundy

Bodyline shoes (black) SOLD

Price: $27

Measurement: size JP23, will fit ~ 24 – 24.5cm

Condition: briefly worn once but the shoes sustained damages from shipping. Please see

Thank You!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, offbrand
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