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DS: 2 Way Fuzzy Bows, Bunka Bunnies, Wood Bunny Rings

--I ship from California, USA
--Prices are in USD
--Paypal Preferred
--EGL Feedback community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/731047.html

Within the USA- 3 USD
Outside the USA- 5 USD

Small Bows 7USD ea.+ shipping
These bows are about 4 3/4- 5  inches in diameter
4 available colors
2 of the colors have a bear motif and 2 have a bunny motif
They can be worn as a hairpin or a brooch

Mint Bunny Bow
Only 1 available

Pink Bear Bow SOLD

Purple Bow
Only one available 

Blue Bear Bow SOLD OUT

Medium Fuzzy Bows 10USD+ shipping
These bows are about 6 1/2 inches in diameter
Can be worn as a brooch or a hair pin. 

Mint Medium Fuzzy Bow Sold out

Lavender Medium Fuzzy Bow Sold Out

Large Fuzzy Bow $ 15
Only one available
About 8 inches in Diameter
I can attach it to a headband or make it a hair pin with brooch. 
(I have made large fuzzy bows before for a con and they can be worn with a hairpin without falling off.)

Circus Biscuit Bunka Bunny  SOLD
A handmade bunka doll dressed as a circus bunny.
Can be worn as a brooch or a hair pin

King Bunny Rings 5USD
Only 4 Available
The head is made of wood and painted.
They are attached to gold adjustable ring bases

Thanks for viewing!

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