Aly ♔ (alysael) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Aly ♔

WTB: Any brand off-white peterpan collar blouse!

Feedback is here

Hi! I'd like to see your off-white peter-pan collar blouses :D Short sleeve and detachable sleeve preferred! (Will consider long sleeve ones too, but short sleeve + detachable sleeves offers have priority :D)

I honestly don't care about the brand! As long as the style is of my taste :)

Styles I'm looking at:

ALSO please don't ask me to "Offer price", because I don't know what to offer sometimes, please state your price clearly, thanks :)
For budget wise, I'm saying this now - I'm definitely won't consider offers over $100, sorry!

My measurements are: 88cm bust, 70cm waist~

Thank you :)

Tags: !ds, !wtb, any brand
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