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DA: AATP sailor jsk, BTSSB parasol, wristcuffs and Usakumya mini

- Shipping is not included in the prices, please state whether you'd like registered or not, if you don't state I'll automatically quote the most basic shipping, excluding tracking and insurance

- Paypal fees are also NOT included. 3.9% €0.35 fees will be added.
Only paypal for those outside of the EU
(For those within the EU, I also accept banktransfer)

Feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/280683.html
- I ship from the Netherlands.

- More pictures can be taken upon request also don't hesitate to ask questions, I'll try my best to answer them as correctly as I can ^^

- The dresses both fit me, my measurements are bust: 35" - 36", waist: 28"

- Auctions will end on August 27th, 22.00h local time (GMT +2).
- Payment has to be made within 24h after I've send the invoice, if you've managed to pay on August 28th (sunday), I can send it out on monday. After monday I'm not sure when I'll be able to go to the postoffice again as school will begin and my timetable isn't definite yet.


AATP sailor dress

Hellolace: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/alice-and-the-pirates/type/jsk/item/82/
I'm auctioning 1 (ONE) of these 2 dresses, meaning the highest bid gets to choose which colour she wants, either black or navy. I'd like to keep 1 colourway, but it doesn't really matter to me which colourway.
When I received the navy one, it smelled of smoke, I've aired it out and it's hardly noticable anymore, but for those sensitive to the smell, I'm mentioning it ^^
Starting bid: €100
minimum bid increments: €5
Current bid: €115 by bloodyegl

BTSSB parasol

Never used
Starting bid: €30
minimum bid increments: €3
Current bid: €30 by tiya_dream

BTSSB wristcuffs

Used once
Starting bid: €13
minimum bid increments: €2
Current bid: €13 by chiichick

BTSSB Usakumya rucksack (mini mini version)

Hellolace: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/baby-the-stars-shine-bright/type/bags-and-wallets/item/15/#additional
I'm actually not certain whether it's the 2009 or 2010 version XD Never used
Starting bid: €30
minimum bid increments: €3
Current bid: €30 by white_queen_may

For questions, please leave a new comment and do not add those to the bidding comments.
To place a bid/outbid, please leave your bid as a reply to the previous bidcomment.

PM bidding is allowed, I'll use my own account to place those bids here. PM bidding will NOT be accepted starting 27th august, 19.00h local time (GMT +2)

Previous sales: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/15688572.html

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