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DS: skirts and a doll + older sales!

• Please pay by Paypal. Singaporean buyers can pay by DBS bank transfer!
• All prices include shipping (tracked), but Paypal surcharges still apply. For US buyers, it’s an additional 3% + 30cents rounded up to the nearest dollar.
• Priority goes to the first person to leave their Paypal address (or to local buyers). Please pay within three days of receiving the invoice.
• I take holds and will wait until the specified time, but only with a 20% nonrefundable deposit. :3
• All measurements listed below are garment measurements.
• I have positive feedback here.

Item 1: Dollscrops fat children skirt

Photobucket Photobucket

This is the perfect coordinate for a casual Lolita. It’s lightweight, it irons wonderfully and it has the cutest print. There’s a little bit if wear at the waist where I’ve safety-pinned it up because it came way too big, but otherwise the skirt is in very good condition – no stains, zero piling, etc.

Comes with a detachable bow.


Waist: 82cm (no shirring)
Length: 52cm including lace

USD 40 (including international shipping)

Item 2: Angelic Pretty sweet jam skirt + headbow set

Photobucket Photobucket

Angelic Pretty’s sweet jam skirt and headbow in yellow! It was on my wishlist for the longest time but when I finally laid my hands on it, I found that it didn’t suit me that well after all. ;_; I’m sending it out with all the bells and whistles – fabric swatch, waist ties, detachable bow, so come and grab!

*Note: I don’t keep any pets but the previous owner did, and the skirt came to me absolutely covered in cat hair. I’ve washed it twice and obsessively lint-rolled off all the cat hair I could find but I can’t guarantee that there are absolutely NO stray hairs left in it, so beware if you’re allergic to kitties!

Waist: 63 – 73cm
Length: 48cm

USD 160 (including international shipping)

Item 3: BTSSB novelty doll (SOLD!)

NWOT (Pristine in its original wrapping!)


If you own the matching dress, here’s the chance to make your acquaintance with a little companion who shares your exact taste in clothes.


Older sales:

Innocent World Fleur de lis blouse in grey, size M
Innocent World Frigg bolero in cream, size M
Innocent World rose socks
Surfacespell Military pants with gold piping in navy
Kidsyoyo Mermaid Princess OP (MM replica) in gunmetal indigo
Rose Melody chandelier cutsew in black
Infanta striped sailor bolero with ribbon embroidery

Take a look and see if there’s anything you like!
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