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DT/DS Small Dragon*Con preparation sale. Star Night Theater OP, Melty Chocolate, etc.

  • I will ship worldwide but US buyers are preferred

  • First to leave paypal gets dibs on the item

  • Smoke free home, I have 3 dogs but they are not allowed in my room- nor do they shed.

  • Paypal only please

  • Feedback here : eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1059136.html

    Dragon*Con is under 2 weeks from now and I decided to sell some extra things I am not wearing for some extra money :) If you happen to be going and would like to pick it up there to save shipping, feel free to let me know!


    Star Night Theater OP in Black w/ Headbow


Only trading because I don't get to wear it as much as I'd like due to the excessive heat my state has, and black just does not bode well in such heat. I'd rather it go to someone that can wear it more than I. If I cannot find anyone to trade with, I will consider selling the set and will not split unless there are buyers for both pieces. Speaking of which, the headbow and dress do still have the top hat + card pins on them.

I am the 2nd owner after a trade. The only flaw listed was the zipper had a small hole in the seam which has been patched up. I have checked the dress over and found nothing else other than a few stray threads. The corset lacing was removed (but will still be included) as it was put in unevenly and I haven't put it back yet.

89cm length
36cm shoulder width
90~100cm bust
70~80cm waist
19cm sleeve length
31cm cuff

in trade for:

(partial trade) Dream Sky skirt in Navy ONLY (+ $100, negotiable)

or Cherry Berry Bunny OP in Yellow or Sax w/ matching Headbow

Direct Sales

Gothic Lolita Wigs Strawberries x cream wig +2 clip in extensions (1G version)

It has been worn multiple times and has been washed. Some of the curls have become loose from doing so, along with brushing out tangles. As with most wigs, it will probably need to be brushed but is otherwise in good condition.

Price: 40$ shipped

Bodyline Carousel JSK in Pink REPOST SOLD

Size: T2L

Back center of length 103cm
Bust 92-100cm
Waist 76-82cm

Worn twice. Will come with 2 bows. One has a metal comb on it but it was badly glued on.
No flaws that I could find other than loose threads and what have you. If I missed anything, I apologize. I am reposting this due to the person interested never getting back to me and since it's quite late to get back to the other people interested, I'll just take the price slash.

Price: $25.00 $20.00 shipped

DOL Melty Chocolate Replica w/ pink wristcuffs and headbow SOLD

Received this in the wrong size and didn't want to deal with the hassle of sending it back. No flaws other than the zipper sometimes having problems going past the brown waist part. I'm not sure if it's getting caught on something or what as it does this while worn and on the hanger.

I belive it is size XL which is listed to have a 100cm bust and 86cm waist.

Price: $50.00 shipped

Bodyline Heart Pocket Blouse in white REPOST

This is no longer sold on the site so I couldn't find a stock picture.
Only flaws are some slight yellowing on the collar.
The buttons are little pink hearts.
Size: M
I would say it would go up to a 90cm bust and 78 cm waist. It was a little tight on me, so only worn once.

Price: $20.00 $15.00 shipped SOLD

Excuse my terrible pictures. My sister has my camera at the moment so yet again I'm stuck with a bad cellphone camera. I am not looking for trades other than for the SNT OP. All prices are negotiable and I will ship out as soon as money is received. I'm trying not to split the 2 sets but if it comes down to it, I will. I'm more interested in the Dream Sky skirt than the Cherry Berry Bunny, but if I can't find anyone (which is expected) and there is an offer for a CBB trade I will take it.
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, bodyline
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