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DS: Massive Closet Clearout Brand Offbrand Otome items!

Dear all
Please read the following:
1. Priority goes to buyer who sends paypal email first, for payment in
full.  Holds are ok if a deposit of 40% of item price is put
down immediately.
2. Please pay on invoice promptly as invoices sent will expire in 24 hours after sending and the next in line will be contacted.
3.Buyer bears 4.3% paypal fee as I have a premier account. I
was forced to upgrade to a premier account after hitting a
sending limit one year and I could not operate the account
otherwise. But all payments coming in are automatically
deducted for paypal fees and I have no choice, sorry!
4. EGL Feedback page:

is GBP3.00 for 1 item, GBP5.50 for Europe and GBP7.50 for the rest
of the world. USA buyers: tracking and priority is recommended as
there has been some very slow deliveries by ordinary airmail (add

SORRY but I have no pics worn- I don't have a working petti at the moment...

1.  Wonderful World JSK (GBP85.00)
This is a vintage Kaneko Isao (of Pink House and Wonderful World) JSK, pink
with ditsy florals and an intricate patchwork print which is very
characteristic of Kaneko Isao. Bust up to 37 inches/94cm, waist elastic,
fits over 26-32inches/66-84cm, hips free, long, length from shoulder to
hem is 48.5inches/124cm)


This long dress is hard to photograph well, and sorry for the creases from storage. Dress is in clean excellent condition.

2. 2. Emily Temple Cute skirt (sold)
This is an older print, bought on YJ in excellent condition. Waist 24-27 inches/63-68.5cm max, length about 19 inches/48cm)

3. Innocent World Floral Basket Skirt (sold)
This was bought direct from IW, never worn as the colour does not suit me as
I had hoped! It is an excellent piece from IW, well made, stored only
and in as unworn condition. Colour is brown x celadon, sz long. Waist
measures 25-28 inches/64-71cm, length is 25.5 inches/65cm.

4. Juliette et Justine Floral print skirt (sold)

This is an older print from J et J, again waist is too small for me now!
Wonderfully soft cotton and the usual excellent handiwork of J et J,
waist measures 25 inches fixed/64cm, length is 19 inches/49cm.

5. Jesus Diamante Cameo Roses skirt Rare (sold)
I went through many hoops to buy this skirt from Japan, it cost a fortune
and I hope to let it go at a reasonable second hand price. This is a
raw silk material with roses framed in gold cameos, really lovely, worn
once and dry cleaned. Excellent condition. Fabric colour is a very light
ice blue and pink. Waist measures 27 inches/68.5cm fixed, length is 19

6.Otome Japanese Brand- Lois Crayon Cranes skirt (GBP50.00)
This is a  rare cranes print skirt by Lois Crayon, waist about 27.5 inches/60cm,
fixed, length is 24.5inches/62cm). Excellent condition, never worn,
waist doesn't fit!

7. Otome Japanese label Laisse Passe scarf print skirt (GBP15.00)
Very much in the style of JM, Axes Femme, waist elastic, fits 26-34
inches/66-86cm, hips up to 38 inches/96cm, length about 22 inches/55cm)
In excellent condition, bought it on Mbok but never worn.

8. Metamorphose Popping Balloon bag (GBP13.50)
Pink unused meta tote bag, made of canvas and looks reasonably sturdy. Measures 15 x 11 inches or 38 x28 inches.

9. Offbrand Pink Jacket (GBP8.00)
This is a pink felt-type jacket, 100% cotton, could go with sweet coords
or otome style coords. It is in excellent condition, all buttons
original, fully lined and no visible flaws or stains. Measures underarms
35 inches/89cm, length of sleeve is 24 inches/61cm, length of jacket
is 27 inches/68cm from top of shoulder to hem, waist measures max 30

10. IW Pullip Postcard (sold)

Thanks for looking!
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