Kitteh (captainmeow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS; Chocomint bow + older sales. DT; Metamorphose Sailor OP for another Sailor piece.


- I ship from the U.S.
- I own a pet, and I do live with a smoker, but none of them have been near my room, where all my stuff are.
- I am not responsible for post office damages or loss.
- International buyers are welcomed, but please leave your location for shipping prices.
- I ship within the week payment is made. If I do not, I will inform you.
- If you do not have money, or not ready to pay, please do not comment saying you would like to purchase an item.

Older sales~
NWT, Putumayo OP.
NWT, Putumayo socks.
Atelier Pierrot petti, red BL shoes, short blue wig, offtrand top, handmade head bow.

Chocomint, two way, fluffy bow in sax/blue. $17 shipped/tracked.
Bought directly from Chocomint and have only tried it on once, indoors. I mainly stuck it on my hoodie instead of my hair.

I wouldnt mind trading for any of these Chocomint items~ ^^

Metamorphose, Sailor OP.
Bought from another user. I have only worn it three times.  If I were to sell it, I would like to sell it for $230. But I want to at least find another sailor piece before I sell this one, as I really like this dress, but I do not look good wearing it. So I want to replace it before letting it go.

The dress has a zipper on the side. It has no shirring, but it does have a corset like backing. The bow in the middle is detachable, as it was originally pinned on. The sleeves have a buttoning in the back. You can also take out the waist piece with the buttoning, but I see no point.

The part in the middle of the chest is not detachable, but can be buttoned off so you dont have to wear it

I dont know where it came from, but I found a small...strain when I was taking pics. I am certain it is not food stains, as I havent eaten anything while wearing the dress.

For trades, I would like to partially trade, mainly as I would like a bit of the money back.  Here are the pieces I like. I do not want to trade for anything else that isnt listed, so please dont ask. It doesnt have to be brand at all, as long as its black. I am not looking for any colored or print, sailor items ar this time. I mainly looking for a sailor top, and a sailor skirt.

If you are selling the item to me, I do not have any money in my paypal at the moment. So unless I am able to sell my OP, or if you can wait a week until I can put money into paypal, I can not buy anything at this time.

Tags: !da, !dt, chocomint, metamorphose
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