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DS! Sugary Carnival JSK Replica Plus Size & Double Decker

*Only accepting Paypal
*Prices are in USD and include paypal fees
*Only shipping in the U.S. and Canada, sorry, I can't ship international this time
*I only ship via USPS Priority Mail
*If you request for a hold, I require a small deposit (a non-refundable $10 to hold your spot) because I've had trouble with people saying they're interested and backing out last minute
*I ship anywhere from 1-4 days after I get the payment
*Please note that after I ship I won't be held responsible for any damages or missing packages
*I may be slow with replies. On days where I work, it's usually an 11 hour shift with no access to a computer, so please be aware!


Since I'm in no luck with trades, I'll sell it to the person with the highest offer


I have a Dream of Lolita Sugary Carnival JSK that I got through a shopping service and had customed size. Originally I wanted it to be big enough to fit my measurements, but DOL had made my measurements the minimum measurements for my JSK so I'm swimming in it when I have it on. I've tried it on three times, all of them were for a couple of minutes inside my house. There are no damages, just wrinkled from being in storage.

Rough Measurements:
Minimum Bust: 50cm across
Minimum waist: 43 cm across

*Please note minimum measurements are with the shirring panel cinched all the way. For maximum measurements add the total bust +30 cm for the shirring panel when it's stretched out all the way.

Double Decker RHS 25.0 cm $45 shipped

Please note there are damages Most of the damages to the wool soles were there when I recieved them. The previous owner had worn it alot, and I've only ever worn it a couple times. I had let my friend wear it for a convention, and she wasn't used to RHS, so she tripped and scuffed the front. The price of the shoes reflect the condition it's in. They don't come with the original ribbon since I never got them from the previous owner, the pictures seen are some of the damages

I also have a Maxicimam JSK for $125 shipped here >

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
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