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DS: BtSSB, Betsey Johnson, IW, DoL, MILK, ACDC, SWIMMER

UPDATE for people who have purchased from this post!!:
The post office near my house is under construction I found out today, so most packages may not be shipped until Wednesday or Thursday. :( Sorry for the inconveniece! I will update as soon as I can again.

* I accept paypal. (I ask the customer take up the 5% paypal fee)
* Shipping varies, please ask for details.
* I am not accountable/responsible for items the post office/postal carriers lose or damage.
* If you would like a tracking number and/or shipping insurance, you will have to pay extra as that is not included in what I consider "standard" shipping. Residents outside the US cannot be given tracking because the US Postal Service does not offer that option. Please inquire for extras if you will be requiring them!
* EGL FEEDBACK is listed here:

* I AM WILLING TO HAGGLE! Just make a reasonable offer!

SOLD Little Bears Cafe Angelic Pretty REPLICA

I'd like to sell the two above items as a set.

These are NOT Angelic Pretty. As far as I know, these are the "Dream of Lolita" replica pieces. I purchased them using a shopping service from TaoBao. The tag inside reads "Sweet Angel" and is listed as size "S".

Price: $79 for both dress + headbow
Condition: NEW, never worn, tried on once.
Size: The tag lists it as size "S". I am 32in the bust and 26in in the waist, and it is a tad large on me, but doesn't look odd or baggy, and fits quite well. I measured it and it appears to be able to fit at least around 32in in the waist and 36in in the bust at its largest! So, this garment can fit a fairly good range of sizes.
Let me know if you have any further questions on this garment!

SOLD Baby, the Stars Shine Bright sweater

Price: $99. Originally purchased for $185.
Condition: New, never worn, tried on once.
Size: Standard BtSSB. (About S~M american sizing)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright t-shirt

Price: $59. Originally purchased for $95.
Condition: Never, never worn, tried on once.
Size: Standard BtSSB. (About size S~M american sizing)

SOLD Baby, the Stars Shine Bright beret

PriceL $54
Condition: Worn several times, pretty much like new.

SOLD Baby, the stars Shine Bright shoes

Price: $69
Condition: Worn twice, slight wear on back of heels. Tiny bit of markings on the straps where the metal grommets touch, and EXTREMELY light scuffing on the fronts of the shoes.
Size: BtSSB "LL".

Inncoent World puppy purse

Price: $64 (Originally more than $160)
Condition: This purse was used regularly for about a month. There are a few signs of wear. On the bottom, it is a bit stained from setting it down over time. And in each corner on the bottom, there seem to be tiny holes where the purse bends. There is also a light orange mark on one of the shoulder staps, and some light pink marks on the inside by the tag. (I believe both of these marks are from highlighters)

Betsey Johnson Purse

Price: $52. Originally marked for sale at $110, and purchased for $77.
Condition: New, tags still attached. Never used.

Betsey Johnson heels

Price: $62
Size: USA 8
Condition: New, never worn, only tried on.

MILK skirt

Price: $62, originally sold in store for around $150.
Condition: New, never worn, still with tags
Size: Can fit about 26~32 in the waist I believe. Pretty stretchy, and I've seen a couple girls coordinate this skirt with cute lolita outfits!


Price: $32. Originally purchased for $65.
Coniditon: New, never used

Gothic Lolita Bible #12

Condition: New, flipped through a few times. All freebies are still intact!

SOLD Kera Vol. 9

Price: $12
Condition: New, flipped through a few times. All freebies are still intact!

SOLD ACDC Petticoat with strawberries printed

Price: $24
Condition: Worn Twice, like new.
Size: It's sort of small, and the waist band is not too stretchy. I am 26in in the waist but it's sort of hard to fit my butt in, lol. Would not recommend if you carry the majority of your weight in your butt, like me. XD

SOLD Offbrand petticoat, new!

Size: The waistband is EXTREMELY stretchy! Waist can stretch at least up to around ~32in

Again, if you have any questions or would like to haggle, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you, and have a wonderful rest of your day! <3

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