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DS!: Milky-chan Ribbon jsk set in brown, SS teaparties + shoes, AP socks, Dear Celine blouse

 Hello and thanks for taking time to look at my sales!

Here are my rules of sale. Please read them before buying or questioning. If you need further information, please ask below or in a PM if you are more comfortable.

1. I ship by priority only and shipping is not included in the price. Please let me know where you are living and I will give you a shipping quote. I ship overseas as well! Please let me check for shipping. Sometimes prices at my mail office are higher than shown online, so please bear this in mind!
2. I am not responsible for lost packages if you do not want tracking. I can get tracking quotes for you if you would like.
3. I will mark items as gift and mark down the price, but I can only insure the package for the marked down price, so keep this in mind.
4. Holds and trades are accepted. I will do a hold for a week at 20% down and longer if there is about 50% down. Ask me about payment plans. I have the right to refuse if you have little or no feedback.
5.Paypal fees are your responsibility, but you can send the payment as a gift to avoid fees.
6. My measurements are 38" bust, 30"-31" inch waist, so please keep this in mind when trading!
7. I have the right to cancel sale at any time (before payment)!
8. People in my house do smoke, but my items are in a different section of the house. Sensitive noses should think before buying :)

1.  Milky-chan the Fawn Ribbon Jumperskirt set in brown.

It pains me to sell this, but brown is not my color at all. It took me a awhile to get all the pieces together, and it wasn't cheap. This jumperskirt is so beautiful in person, from the heart lace on the straps to the cute deer lace on the hem! It's very hard to find a complete set these days, so get yours now! I've only worn this once for a few hours, then stored. The socks were not worn at all by me, I got them from mbok. May have been worn a couple times by previous owner, as the AP logo is just starting to wear off, with no discoloration. 
I'm asking $400 for the set plus shipping OBO(only $11 for U.S. residents.)

No longer selling for now! Sorry.

Stock Pictures:

Proof  1Proof  2 ♥  

2. Secret Shop Tea Parties in pink Size M (23.5)

I love these shoes, they're so comfortable! Unfortunately flats look bad on me, so I am selling these. Very hard to obtain, pre-orders only go on once or twice a year, so get yours with the wait! The only flaw is a small mark on the left shoe right on the toe, but it's so low, no one will see it when worn (maybe not even you!). I made a couple holes in the ankle straps, because apparently my ankles are tiny!
I'm asking $50 shipped in the U.S.!


Proof 1 Proof 2Proof 3

3. Dear Celine Blouse in pink

This blouse is so cute, and matches my Milky-chan set above very well! It's a rich pink color with white Milky-chan lace. It was made for a bust of 38" and waist of 30". A ribbon (doesn't come with orginal, was lost in move)can be used to tighten it a little, so if your measurements are a few inches smaller, it will fit too. Not recommended for very small girls though!  My proof doesn't show the detatchable ribbons, but they will be included :)
I'm asking $30 plus shipping




4. Secret Shop shoes in sax and white, size M

Very nice shoes, and they don't give that flat foot feeling like Tea Parties do, as they have a slight raised part to them at the heel. They look great in many coordinates, I've worn them a handful of times, but I figured it was time to pass them on. There are a few teeny scuffs and a weird mark in the right shoe, which has a purple tint. Looks like make-up,but I have no idea how make-up came in contact with the inside of my shoe haha.
I'm asking $40 shipped in the U.S.!


ProofProof 2Proof 3Proof 4

& 6. Angelic Pretty Marchen Ribbon socks in pink and Secret Shop AP replicas in sax

I love printed socks, but I can't wear knee highs (SS). They can be otk if you have skinny legs, my friend wore them once and I only tried them on and they went OTK for her. The Marchen Ribbon ones are fantastic and I would keep them if only they weren't pink because I tend to wear pink shoes alot and they look silly with pink on pink and blue on top to me. Would trade them for the sax version, but as this is a long shot, they are up for sale too. They are new without tags, only tried on for a second before taking them off and banning them to the sock drawer!
I asking $30 for the Marchen Ribbon OTK, and $15 for the Secret Shop socks

Stock Photos:


Angelic Pretty Vertical Pintuck Jumperskirt (2006) in sax- Damaged.

I'm trying to get rid of my Angelic Pretty jumperskirt, but haven't had much luck. It is an older piece, so the lace has aged and it's definitely not in great condition. This jsk is from 2006, so it is quite old and loved. There are a couple small spots of bleach on the lower left front near the pintucks.  It was my first brand piece, so it's sad to let it go. She needs ironing as well, but has been washed. 

Only $70 shipped in the U.S. OBO!!!

Stock (mine is sax):


 I have pictures of the small dots of bleach too, just ask!

Any questions, please feel free to ask! I may be open to trades for some items too :)
I'd really like an Angelic Pretty Knit bolero with short sleeves or maybe some blue heels.

Feedback, all positive here:

Thanks so much for looking!

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