Asashi (asashi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB birthday wishes~

I'm looking for a new dress~ OP would be most preferable, although I'd be interested in a JSK as well. Sweet is my most preferred style, pink or red are my favored colors~ I'll consider other colors paired with pink or red, although I don't like blue (I really just don't like the way cool colors look with my skintone and hair color I think) Interested mostly in Brand at the moment, although I will consider off brand. I'm not interested in commissions at the moment (an exception may be made if you have experience in sewing blouses for busty girls though, I very much want a pink blouse!) Prints are preferred to solid colors. Extra points if you have a matching hair accessory.

Not too interested in skirts.

Possibly a pair of solid pink shoes. Flat or mostly flat platform style (like rhs or the ever popular heart buckles). Not tea parties. I have a pair and I can't wear them.

My measures:
Bust: 50"
Waist: 40"

Shoe size: US women's 10 (some shoes of mine say 42 or 27 as well)

My feedback!

Tags: !wtb
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