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Urgend DS! Everything must gone!


1.  I'm shipping from germany.
2. Shipping fees are not included.
3. There are no pets held in my household. My father is a frequent smoker, howerver I manage keeping any smoke out of my room and especially out of my closet.
4. All prices are negotiable.
5. No refunds,no returns. 
6. Accepted payment method is paypal internationally and banking transfer from inside Europe.
7. The item goes to the one first letting me know his or her Paypal address.
8. I'm not interested in exchanging items for payment at the moment. I need the money ASAP.
9. I'll need about three days to get the shipment ready.
10. If there are any questions - ANY questions - just ask, I won't bite'cha."

my EGL-Feedbackpage :

Bodyline House Bag SOLD
Colour : Black
Condition: Very good. Used twice.Second Hand.
Price: 20€

Bodyline Fruits Parlor Replica  SOLD
Colour: Black and Rose
Masurements: lengh : 88 cm, bust: 72 cm- 88cm, wist : 66 cm minimal
Condition: Very good I wear it only one time. Second hand.
Price: 40€

Metamorphose Bag
Colour: Brown
Condition: Very good. Second hand
Price: 25€

Mad Pullover
Colour: Black/Violett
Condition: Very good, worn it twice. First Owner.
Masurement : lengh: 71 cm; max waist and bust: 108cm
Price: 30€

Tags: !ds, bodyline, metamorphose
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