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DS/DT: Closet Cleaning, Hair Accessories, Plus Size Skirt, Bags

I'm clearing out some stuff for me and a friend, as we're both going to college! All of this it stuff we wore in our lolita co-ords, a lot of it is jewelry, hair accessories, and bags
Feel free to take a look!

Here's some basic info:
- All prices are in USD
- Haggling is ok, but keep it within 30% of the listed price, and keep in mind I'm paying a bit of the shipping
- Shipping is not included, but generally it's $4 for small items, and $10 for larger items
- I am not responsible for lost/damaged packages, as I make sure everything on my part is done to the best of my ability
- Insurance and/or tracking are extra, and you will cover those costs
- If you buy more than one thing, I will cover your shipping expenses
- I only take Paypal, and I cover the costs, which means I have priced items slightly higher to cover that
- The first person to leave a Paypal address will get the item
- You have 1 day to pay once I've invoiced you, although quicker payment is much appreciated
- I have taken pictures of the items lying flat, and if you would like I can take additional pictures of the items being worn, feel free to ask. Leave your paypal and a picture request, and then you can hold your spot in line until I can take the pictures
- All items have been cleaned, and are of good quality
- All packages include a small gift and a note

My measurements are: 36' bust, 27' waist, 35' hips
(Keep in mind that some items belong to my friend, and are not my size)

My Feedback Page

Take-out Box Purse: $13
A Chinese style bag made with black and purple satin, one flap has a mirror on it, great for Wa-lolita

Black Head Dress: $12
A black cotton and lace head dress with black satin ribbon accents and ties
(the bottom picture has flash on to show details, the top picture is the actual color)

Yellow Plaid Head Bow: $9
A yellow, green, and red medium sized bow on a clip

White Satin Headband: $7
A small lace-cut satin headband with 3 faux-pearl encrusted bow accents on the top

Pink Hello Kitty Tote Bag: $7
Pink cotton tote bag printed with a punk Hello Kitty pictures

Black Corset Belt: $10
Stretchy black lace-covered belt with snap closures on the back
(Bottom picture taken with flash to show texture and snap closures)

I would love to trade/partially trade for:
Black ribbon-laced Rocking horse shoes
Any punk clothing
Don't be afraid to make an offer!
Tags: !ds, !dt, *plus size, handmade, offbrand
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