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DS Angelic Pretty, BBTSSB, AATP, R-series (taobao), Gothic Lolita wig

Hello everyone!

I am shipping from Santa Rosa CA. I will be doing shipping calculations by the use of the USPS website. So if you are from the US and need a quote for shipping just give me your zip code, and if it is international I will need the name of your country plus any excess information that the USPS asks of me. I will only ship with tracking numbers so both I the seller, and the buyer can both keep an eye on the goods during the mailing.
Other then that I have a few rules.
 I will be using paypal so the price I post will not include paypal fees until we find out the cost of shipping. The way it will works is Cost of Item + shipping +paypal fees= total.
The latest I will ship is 5 business days after purchase.
I will not do returns and refunds but I am willing to give you as much information as possible.
I own few cats but currently I only have one of them with me. She does not come near my closet nor does she really come inside my house.
I do not smoke.

Most importantly my feed back:
AATP Sleeping Beauty in Navy with Matching head bow

It is in very good condition, I was enamored by the print but once I put it on it did not look very good on me.

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Tartan in Pink

This dress is pretty rare, I bought it for $250 but there is an issue with the invisible zipper so obviously I have reduced the price. It is gorgeous and otherwise in great condition.

Angelic Pretty Bunny Pockets in Red

This dress is a classic in my opinion, it comes with a head piece and a cute bunny pin. The only thing missing from this JSK is the waist ties which I did not notice at the time I purchased it. Also needs to be ironed.

BBTSSB Scallop Princess JSK in Ivory

This dress is in great condition it still has its waste ties and pin. It is a very flattering dress and does not have any stains on it.

BBTSSB Bunny Cardigan in Black

Simple and cute, when I received it reeked of cigarette smoke but I hand washed it thoroughly and the smell is gone. I have worn a couple times but decided it really wasn't my cup of tea.

Gothic Lolita Wig Chocolatte

This is a wig I never got the opportunity to wear, it is just sitting in my closet still in the packaging that Gothic Lolita wigs sent it to me in. It ended up getting shipped to my home address instead of to my address at school so I never wore it. I believe that is sold out and is a first generation but I am not 100% sure because I have not pulled it out of the packaging.

R-Series Sailor Dress


This dress is pretty much brand new, I purchased it from taobao with a group order with some of my friends. I wore it for five minutes. The sleeves are attachable. It came in a size medium.

Feel free to comment if you need anymore information. I will try my best to be as responsive as possible.
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