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DT/WTB: AATP shoes size M

Either my foot grew or these shoes shrunk. XD i Normally fit a size S but these were just a bit snug once i had the socks on. Not to be unbearable but I'd rather have some wiggle room if I can.

For that reason i decided to put them up for trade; i am looking for the same shoe in basically any of the darker color ways, but in an M. i am also willing to buy them in the case that you don't want to trade and have the blue or red color.

I am only willing to sell if I find a replacement shoe, otherwise i will keep them, since i paid an arm and a leg and i know i'll never get what a paid for them back.

EGL Feedback can be found here along w/my ebay: 

On to the items

both shoes only 1 tried on., still new w/ 0 scuffing or damage. 

My priority is in this shoe, since I don't love it enough to hurt my feet over and it will probably be easier to find

i will only trade this pair  for red or navy, otherwise i will keep the shoe since it's a little bigger and pretty Rare.

more details can be seen here

Thank's for looking!

Tags: !dt, !wtb, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright
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