Caylee ✭ (jinjin_tcg) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Caylee ✭

!DS & !WTB: English GLBs + older sales / SS teaparties (S) + Miracle Candy headbow

Important Info~
   ♥ My feedback: here and here    ♥ I ship from GA, USA. [zipcode 30214]    ♥ I only accept PayPal.    ♥ No holds or payment plans at this time.    ♥ I am open to offers!    ♥ First person who leaves their pp address &    will pay full price gets priority. US buyers    preferred.    ♥ Prices are in USD. Shipping and pp fees    are only included if stated.    Once the item is shipped, I am no longer    responsible for it. If you'd like insurance,    please ask!    ♥ I have cats, but they are not allowed    around my lolita clothes.    ♥ If you have negative or no feedback, I    may refuse to sell to you.    ♥ Trades welcome -- just show me what    you have! (currently looking for red    accessories & ss teaparties in S)
!DS: $16 + shipping each Both are In like-new condition with patterns still attached! `Spring 2008 `Autumn 2008 Older sales > Meta LP cloth + offbrand classic heels -- !WTB: Secret Shop teaparties (size S) ★ red, pink, white, sax (I will consider other colours too) I prefer the kind with the detachable bows but either version is fine!
Tags: !ds, !wtb, secret shop
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