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!WTB: very specific (and sadly elusive) things


i'm looking for some specific items ^^. sorry if they sound a bit odd -- i've recently moved into a new apt, so a lot of these WTBs revolve around repartitioning space and filling in the gaps of my closet... which i can finally see, yay!

- novelty / brand clothes hangers (from swimmer, AP, etc.) <--- priority!
- lolita-specific apron. can be with a print, previously handmade, from something more deco like swimmer, etc. (for instance, if you have any detached from a main JSK / OP, that's fine. i'll look at anything that's damaged, too, since i will be doing actual cooking in this apron, and don't plan on ever reselling ^^)
- mint or lavender blouse, fitting 36" bust / 30" waist. will look at any (off)brand, but no commissions at this time please.
- meta argyle OTKs from their latest LP =] (any colorway)

for my flatmate (her measurements are: 32" bust / 28" waist):
- this rose melody JSK in size M, preferably black. will only look at offers $65 or under~
- a simple, grey blouse.
- black skirt! bustle back would be nice, but will look at any solids.
- h.naoto, putumayo, bpn, surface spell, rose melody, or aatp cutsews =] 

posting a WTB because i haven't been able to find these things just by surfing the DS posts ;-; please help me out! thanks xx

[ f e e d b a c k ]

for trade:
- liz lisa & swimmer watches, marine border OTKs
- swimmer strawberry headphones, AP polkadot folding mirror
- lady rose skirt in mint, fantastic dolly OTKs

previous unfulfilled, unloved WTBs DDDDD:
- AP fabric swatches!?
- shoes fitting 7.5 US / 38 EU / 24.5 cm / size L

PS: if i have bought from you recently, but been silent about feedback, please don't worry / take it personally -- i've purposefully redirected all of the packages to my new apt, but we're having a bit of issues with the mailbox key -_- so, i can't actually access the packages right now. sorry about the delay (i am sorry too, i want my presents! ;-;)
Tags: !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, offbrand, rose melody, swimmer, taobao
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