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!DS:URGENT! Metamorphose, Bodyline, Double Decker, off brand clothes/Jewelry!

 Hello everyone! This is my first time selling on here, so if you notice anything I should be doing that I'm not - just let me know! :) I'm also leaving for college again this Saturday, so then Friday will be the last day of the sale.

Things that are important I guess ^_^ :
- Only accept paypal&nbsp
- Ship via USPS&nbsp
- No problem shipping within the US (if you're outside the US and are interested just pm me and I'll try to get it to ya ^^)
- Will most likely be shipping out packages the same day you order, unless it's really late at night
- Shipping cost will vary from item to item, so just let me know where you are and I'll give you an estimate
- Open to negotiation on price
- Willing to do payment plans, just ask (even though everything in the post is pretty cheap)
- If you would like to see anything on a body form just ask


My proof is my leopard print sheets


*Lock and Key Bracelet* 

Duel chain, metal gold colored bracelet with varying key, lock and heart charms. Some of the charms have jewel embellishments or beads. I have only tried this on a few times with different outfits to see how it would look, but I'm more of a silver kind of girl. It has a post and ring closure and has two rings so you can vary the size. If you would like any other pictures or close ups just ask and I'll be happy to send them to you! Price: $25

*Fleur-de-lis Necklace*

This is a gold colored chain with three charms hanging off of a jeweled circle. The key charm has a small jewel implanted in the center to match the circle. Attached to the key charm is a faux swirled peal with a gold colored cap. Last but not least, the Fleur-de-lis charm hangs lower than the others and has etched curvature lines. Could easily be put on any other chain! Price: $25


*Lip Service Lace-up Jacket*


The fabric of the jacket is something between a corduroy and a short velvet. It's very soft and has a little stretch to it. Not meant to keep you very warm, but it would work well for Fall. The jacket is black, but in the light it looks a little warmer toned than the typical black. I've had this for a few years, but it doesn't have any noticeable wear to it. Size L according to Lip Service, but lying flat measurements are: Shoulders = 17in, Bust = 19in, Arm length = 25in, Length (back of collar to bottom) = 25in. Price: $35


*Bodyline Classic Floral Skirt*



Classic Bodyline Floral skirt, with tags. I'm not the first owner, but the skirt has only been tried on by the both of us. Comes with removable waist ties and bow with pearls. The skirt is a Medium. For more accurate measurements you could check the Bodyline website.
Price: $50 (feel free to negotiate) ON HOLD


*Light Pink Metamorphose JSK (sorry I don't know the proper name)*



Close up of bust 

Lining with small built in petti

I've never worn this JSK, but I'm at least the second owner that I know of. There are two sets of non-removable waist ties on either side of the dress underneath the bust line. The two bows on the front are removable and there are ties that go around the neck. The back is partially shirred and has ribbon that laces up over top of the shirring. There is a small invisible zipper along the left side. This dress is pretty poofy on its own, a small petti would work great with it. When I bought the JSK the owner didn't mention anything about stains, but I noticed when I got it that there were small light brown stains on the front of the dress. I will try to remove the stains/marks with some water and light soap. If you are interested in the JSK I will let you know if I was able to get the marks out. None of them are too noticeable. Lying flat measurements are: Bust = 14 in - 17 in (stretched- could go slightly larger), Length (top of strap to bottom of skirt) = 37 in. Price: $120 (feel free to negotiate)

Under Things:

*Bodyline White Petti*

As far as I know, I'm the second owner of this petti. I've never used it, looks like new. It's a classic white Bodyline petti. Would work well for shorter JSKs or skirts. Probably not recommended to longer ones. Elastic waist makes it a free size. Price: $15

*White Lace top Socks*

Simple offbrand white knee socks, topped with flower lace and a ribbon. The socks are very soft and have some stretch to them. Never worn, only taken out of packaging to be photographed. Price: $3 SOLD


*Double Decker Studded RHS*

I wish that I didn't have to sell these, but they're slightly too small for me :( I bought them on here not too long ago, so I'm not the first owner. The previous owner said that one of the straps had broken on the shoes, but she got them repaired. Honestly, I don't see anything that could be broken on them, the repairer must had done a really good job :) Either that or they added the easy snap closure. Also when I bought these, they had some paint chipping off, but as soon as I got them I had repainted the areas. Now when you look at them you can barely notice. In the second picture, the shinier areas on the soles is the paint I put on there. I turned up the contrast a little and put more light on them to show the different paints. These would probably fit a size 41 at the very max. Price: $60 (feel free to negotiate)

Well that's all....remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

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