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!DS/!DT An*tai*na, Bodyline, Taobao, F+F, & Handmade

Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/926141.html

- I ship from Haymarket, VA.
- Prices are in USD.
- I accept Paypal only.
- Paypal fees are included in the price, but shipping price is NOT included.
- I'd rather not do holds unless a reasonable down payment can be put down first.
- First user to leave Paypal address gets priority.
- I reserve the right to not sell to those who have negative or no feedback.
- I'm not responsible for any packages lost, stolen, delayed or damaged.
- No returns/exchanges.


Selling all of these because I am not interested in the sweet style any more. If you would like to trade or partial trade, I will consider all brand, taobao, and handmade classic items. No Bodyline, please. I understand I am selling a lot of BL and offbrand, and am willing to combine multiples of my own sales to match the price of whatever your item is worth. Thank you!


An*tai*na Tea Party Shoes - White and Lilac | $40 for each pair SOLD

Never worn, perfect condition. Unfortunately they were a little too small for me.

BOTH PAIRS are 23.5cm, and should comfortably fit a US size 7 - 7.5


Bodyline Pink Picnic Gingham OP | $35

Only tried on, perfect condition.

BL Measurements:
Length 94cm
Bust 92cm
Waist 72cm
Shoulder length 34cm
Sleeve length 22cm


Bodyline Pink Princess Skirt | $32 SOLD

Worn 3 times, no visible flaws. However, the original skirt used to have little satin bows between the scallops, but I removed them.

Fits up to 72cm waist comfortably.


Bodyline Ribbon Cutsew | $32

Worn once. Very adorable, I've been avoiding selling it because it's so cute. Can be worn as a blouse or sweater. The material is very soft! There is a thumb-sized smudge between the two bottom buttons (as you can see in the above pic). I haven't tried to clean it myself.

Max measurements (if you're going to wear it as a blouse) are 34in bust and 28in waist.


Lolita Princess Rabbit-eared Coat | $90 SOLD

Only tried on. This thick coat perfect for the upcoming months. It has waist ties, and the heart pockets are actually functional pockets! Unfortunately it's too small for me.

Size S, max measurements are 34in bust 28in waist.


F+F Enid Replica OP | $95

I have only tried this on. I would actually have loved to keep this piece; it's well-made and a great wine color, but it's a bit too large on me =/ It is a replica of Mary Magdalene's Enid OP. Pockets are fake and there are no waist ties.

Would comfortably fit a 32in waist, possibly up to 34in. Up to 38in bust


Handmade (not by me) Headwear | $10 each

Dark Pink Headbow SOLD

The headbows are adjustable (can wear the bow on top or to the side), and were handmade by nyu_hikari. The headdress was received in a trade at Otakon. I have only tried them on for less than 2mins each.


Thanks for looking!
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