porcelaindoll08 (porcelaindoll08) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!wtb: simple black or dark dress JSK/OP

Hi! I am in need of a simple dress. No patterns or bright colours. I'd perfer JSK's, but OP's fine as well. It needs to be kne-length or longer. The dress needs to have a dark colour.  Brand or off-brand doesn't matter but I'm am not looking for an expensive dress. I need to have the dress here within 1-1½ week (last day would be 25/8). As for style, I'd prefer classic or simple. My egl-feedback can be found here My measurment are: Bust 97 cm Waist 75 cm I've picked out a couple of dressed that are the style I'm looking for. It dosn't have to be exactly these dresses, but one like them :) Show me what you got, tell me the measurments and how much you want for it :)  
Tags: !wtb
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