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DS! DT! Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, Offbrand Nothing over 60 USD

Information and Sales Terms  

My feedback pages may be found here: EGL Feedback Page Personal Feedback Page  

I do have a cat for those who have allergies. He doesn't go near my lolita items, but his presents is still in my apartment. Those with bad allergies be warned.  1. Payment by Paypal only! 2. Prices include Shipping within the US, and paypal fees. I use USPS priority mail in most cases. I will usually ship items the day following payment. I will let you know for sure what day I plan on shipping after payment is received, and will also let you know when the item has been shipped. =) 3. I will ship internationally. Please comment with your country so I can calculate shipping cost. 4. Tracking and Insurance are NOT included. If you would like these services please let me know so I can calculate the price. 5. I am not responsible for lost/stolen goods. 6. First to post papal address get priority. If payment is not received within 24 hours the item will go to the next person in line. Sorry, no holds! 7. Measurements are amateur at best. I try to get the most accurate measurements I can, but I am by no means a professional seamstress. Please +/- 2cms or so just so you have an idea of size range. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. ^_^  Also, I am open to negotiation. If you feel the price isn't fair offer me one you think is. I am also open to trade for  items on my wishlist . My wishlist can be found at

8-17-11 10:15 PM update: Items that have been paid for by tomorrow morning will be mailed out tomorrow for sure. I will post when I get home from work so you'll know exactly how long the post office estimates delivery. Also, if you insist on sending me Private messages for sales please make sure I can actually respond back to them. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Angelic Pretty Red Velvet Bustle Skirt : 60 USD shipped within the US. -- SOLD
Waist size is 25inches MAX. This skirt has no shirring and will NOT stretch or give at all. It's in good condition, but there is a 2 inch section by the zipper where the thread came loose and the seam came open where it attached to the zipper. This is easily fixed but the damage is reflected in the price. The skirt itself is fully lined and comes with a built-in petty and waist-ties.

Damaged area - 2 1/2 inch seam that has come away from the zipper. Please note that this isn't a rip or tear in the
fabric itself. The seam just pulled open and just needs to be stitched up. Easily repaired,  but price reflects damage.

Bodyline Mint Love Nadia Skirt: 25 USD shipped within the US -- PAID
Size M Only worn once and it's been sitting in my closet. It's more of a blue-ish color than actual mint. It has partial shirring in the back but I would not recommend this skirt for over a 30in waist.

Bodyline  BROWN polka-dot JSK: 30 USD shipped within the US. SOLD
Size M Only worn once for an event at work. I removed the two bows that were on the shoulder straps but will include them along with the JSK.  The bust/waist area is fully shirred so it should fit a number of sized, but I wouldn't go above a 38in bust as it might look a little weird.

Hand-made Black strawberry skirt with white and pink lace:  10 USD shipped within the US About a 30in waist NO SHIRRING A friend of mine made this for me but it's a little big on me, and I'm not really into sweet items as much anymore. 

Close up of the lace and fabric since the above picture came out freaking bright. =/

Blue offbrand highcollar blouse: 10 USD shipped within the US --  PAID Vintage size 10, but would fit a 38in bust well. 36 in like myself it's a little loose fitting but still nice. I bought this to go with a black skirt, but ended up finding a black blouse I liked better. It's a very nice royal/motie blue color and is made with semi-sheer fabric. It's not see-through but it is a very light feeling material.

Offbrand Black high-collar blouse: 8 USD shipped within the US Size M Would fit a 34inch bust well. Any larger and the front sort-of puckers. In good condition. It just doesn't fit me well. Worn 2 times.

Thick black floral tights: 8 USD shipped within the US SOLD Size: 
The package said small, but I'm about 5'3 125 and I could fit them rather nicely. If you have larger legs the pattern might stretch/warp. I wouldn't recommend them for anyone taller than 5'2/5'3 or with larger legs.
I tried these tights on the the plan on wearing them with a black co-ord, but I ended up wearing something else and then never used these. These are full TIGHTS made of a thick cotton material. They are NOT otk socks. The pattern is of dots and little roses.


Bodyline Black Knee Socks with PINK design: 8 USD shipped within the US I ordered these thinking the pattern on the back was white. It isn't. It's a dark pink tone. I tried to capture this in the photo since on my monitor Bodyline's image looks white. I tried them on, and have held onto them thinking I could make them work, but they're just not my thing.

Reddish Brown Hair Braid headband: 8 USD shipped within the US.
A very cute braided head band. Great for a lot of hair styles and easy to use. Sadly, my hairs not the same color anymore and doesn't match. =( This is a dark brown color with a red-tone to it. The bottom picture if more true-to color (at least on my monitor)

Closer to actual color:

Thanks for looking. If you have any questions please let me know.

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