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DT/DS: Angelic pretty, Bodyline

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I am in Singapore but will ship overseas.
Prices are exclusive of shipping fee please comment for estimated shipping charges. buyer bears the paypal charges
If more than one buyer is interested item goes to 1)who offers more 2)who can pay faster
Prices are negotiable but please be reasonable! 
  i can hold up to a maximum of one week. 

looking more for trades at the moment, but i will sell if i do not see any trades i fancy :]
 i will consider all offers other than pink and too ott items! prints especially welcome~
especially like : btssb fairytale prints, most aatp prints, leif/mew ^^

old sales : meta velvet op!

1.Angelic pretty ichigo millefeuille skirt - USD 100 [i prefer to trade this!]
condition: missing waist ties, previous owner made waist ties into a cute waist bow instead as seen in the picture! also, there is a very faint 
                   spot near the hem of the skirt. i have done my best to photograph it!
measurements : waist  65-72cm max
                               length 54cm to bottom of tulle
closeup of waist bow                                                                                  faint spot beside the right-most strawberry

2. Bodyline fruits parlour skirt - USD25 [SOLD~]

Condition: comes with waist ties, but missing the detachable waist brooch
Measurements : length 52cm, waist 60-69 cm max

back view

3. Bodyline candy jsk [blue] - USD 25  [SOLD~]
Condition : very good, only worn out once or twice!
Measurements : [from bodyline] Bust : 78-92cm max
                               Waist : 68-80cm                                                                                                                                       

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, bodyline
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