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DS: Lovely sweet room jsk set in brown and red AP headbow

Here's my egl feedback:

Lovely sweet room jsk and bonnet

240 shipped with express post (2 business days to get to you in the US)


200$ + shipping if you don't wish for express shipping

I need money and would like to sell one of my jsk. This is the one I think fit me less than the others so that's why I'm selling it even though I still like it alot. I got it new and wore it 2 times. I'll hand wash it before sending it to you. It's in perfect condition and has no stains or rips anywhere. It comes together with the bonnet, which is completely new since I never wore it.



Bust - 39 inches and under (comes with waist ties).
Waist - FREE (it's an empire waist).


AP headbow milky-chan without ears

Price - 18$ + shipping
I cannot go any lower on this item.

Again this is the red version of the milky-chan ear headbow but it doesn't come with the ears. They are detachable so if you have another ear headbow you can clip your fawn ears to this one. It's in mint condition, I never wore it. The red is a bit darker and the pearls are pink.

Hope you could find something interesting :) I'm not really interested in trade since I need money
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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