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WTB: Antoinette Gobelin btssb DS: Gothic tights

I used to own this dress in the brown colorway but sold it because it didn't fit. I have found out a way to alter it to make it smaller so I'm hoping to buy it again. I got mine in a lucky pack and I bet a lot of you guys did too so I don't expect to pay more then ~$100. Cheapest offer in a colorway I like is what I will go for. Buyers in the US preferred. I pay with paypal.

Favorite Colors in this order with black being my absolute favorite: black, pink and cream (not sure if cream was in the lucky pack but its very pretty)

If I can't find one of these colors I will go for the brown (what I used to own):

Please do not offer me the red because the orange undertones wont work with my skin! Thank you and offer away!

DS: Yesstyle goth punk footless tights $17 shipped in the US. Somewhat negotiable.
Not responsible if they don't fit.  Not responsible for lost packages. Sent off within two days of payment!
These tights are from yesstyle and uforchunitly don't fit T_T. I was very sad to see I am too tall for them. I have to worn you these have very little stretch and can NOT fit a taller girl. I would gestamate that 5'5" is the max hight for these. They would look amazing with gothic or punk styles so please give them a good home if you are a very petite girl!

They have one layer of sheer leggings that helps prevents rips and has butterflies on it. The other layer is shredded and has a really cool effect. I will send it in the plastic bag shown so it will not rip unintentionally.
Below pictures are the only time they have ever been tried on. They didn't go all the way up my legs so I took this picture from the knees down.

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