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!DS red riding hood op, IW, off brand, BTSSB, some cheap damged stuff

- I ship from Germany
- I accept paypal only
- I ship worldwide for some pieces you have to ask for shippingcosts
- I'm not responsible if your package is lost or damaged!
- I have no pets & I do not smoke
- feedback

Mary Magdalene Replica
Measures flat :
Bust 44cm
Waist 40cm

very good condition

57$ or 40 Euros shipped worldwide

Black riding hood Op by BTSSB with cape and sleeves

91cm length,
90cm bust,
80cm waist,
67cm (short sleeves: 25cm)
sleeve length,
34cm cape length

very good condition!
I am looking for 350$ 245Euros + shipping or OBO


IW high waist skirt

Measures flat :
Waist has shirring 30-35cm

very good condition

70$ or 50Euros shipped worldwide

Offbrand skirt, a gorgeous skirt and it has very nice material! The skirt was preffessionally altert and is and could be easily made longer. It's in perfect condition.
Measurements flat:
Waist: 35cm
Length: 74cm

100$ 70 Euros + shipping

h. naoto blood skirt
The skirt is in good condition.
Measurements flat:
aist: 37cm
Length: 57cm

60$ 42 Euros + shipping



very good condition

60$ 42 Euros + shipping


very good condition

40$ 28Euros + shipping


h.naoto blouse

The blouse itsfelf is in a very good condition, but some of the buttons are missing

35$ 24,50 Euros

h.naoto blouse

very well worn blouse with damage. As you can see on the picture there is a hole.

11$ 7 Euros + shipping or OBO

h jelly bolero

the bolero has some damage on the sleeves as you can see on the picture.

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