Autumn (yokosesshoumaru) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!ATTN: Seller: ladyxlike - RESOLVED.

I purchased a wig from you on the 24th of July on this sale post.

I asked that day when you would be able to ship it out, to no response.

Over a week past that, I asked again about shipping, to be ignored.

Finally 2 weeks after I made payment I was able to get in contact with you concerning my wig and you told me you would be able to send my item out on Monday, the 8th, and you would notify me when you did so.

It is now the 15th and I have not heard anything concerning the status of my wig and I am becoming concerned considering there are previous neutral / negative feedback about your shipping times.

I know you are active in the community because you have posted 5 sale posts on this community alone since my initial purchase.

I'm sorry if this seems pushy, but I believe I have been more than patient regarding this situation and I know that I am not the only buyer of your's waiting on an item.

Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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