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DS: Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Vivienne Westwood Replica

~I take paypal for payment. Fees are included in the item price.
~Shipping is not included in the price. I have provided a quote with the item price. I ship via Priority. I will NOT ship via a cheaper method internationally as it is impossible to track.
~I am not responsible for items once they leave my hands. Please purchase insurance if you are concerned.
~I am open to offers, but priority goes to whomever offers the asking price.
~Priority goes to whomever leaves their paypal and location first.
~No trades unless you have Rose Toilette JSK or OP in pink.
~Feedback is here:

For Sale
Innocent World Crown Embroidery Skirt in Black
I purchased this off the comm and unfortunately it doesn't fit me as I thought it would. It's a really beautiful skirt and it makes me sad to sell it, but it's better off being worn.
I would not recommend this for a waist bigger than 28 inches... I'm about 29-30 and while I could get it on, in was very uncomfortable.
It has a very pretty bustle back with dot tulle.
The skirt is in excellent condition with no tears, rips or stains.
Lolibrary complete information is here:
My photo:

Price: $100 (Shipping US $12, International $30)

Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette Skirt in Pink
I purchased this from a friend and I have worn it once. However, I have decided that I would rather have the JSK or OP, since the skirt doesn't fit me as well as I would like. It is in excellent condition, with no rips, tears or stains. The print is still quite vibrant as well.
I wouldn't recommend this for a waist bigger than 28... I'm 29-30 and while I could wear it, it was tight and I was wearing a corset underneath when I wore it.
My photo:

Price: $220 (Shipping US $12, International $30)

Angelic Pretty Dot Pochette in Pink
I purchased this directly from the US webshop and have used it a handful of times, however it remains in excellent condition. There are no scuffs or tears, and the inside is clean as well. It is pretty good sized, and can hold a wallet, phone, keys, camera and small makeup bag.

Price: $65 (Shipping US $8, International $24)

Vivienne Westwood Choker Replica
I purchased this choker a while ago, but I recently was able to find the real version, so I no longer need this one. It is the most accurate replica that I've found. The only damage is that one rhinestone is missing (the center of the cross). On the underside, the gold color has rubbed off slightly, but this is not visible when worn, and didn't show up in pictures.

Price: $10 (Shipping US $6, International $14)

Thank you for looking~
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