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DS/DT: Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Skirt. WTB: Milky Dot Chiffon JSK


Prices include shipping in the US
I have a few cats, but my clothes are kept in my closet away from them
for international shipping, please ask for an estimate

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Skirt in Pink.

I got this skirt a few months ago, and I realized I probably wont be able to get my waist small enough for it ): I planned to alter it but I'm afraid to touch it. It's 100% authentic, they never made a replica of the pink version. It's the second release of the skirt, which I personally think is much better, because on the first release they didn't line the waist ties. The only problem I can find with it is a small black mark on the lace, looks to be from a pen. It came to me like this. Also please excuse the cell phone pictures, my friend stole my SD card for a week so I couldn't use my camera

I'm looking for 275 shipped in the US (please ask about shipping out of the country.

If you would like to trade something for it, I'm only looking for whats on this list
Dreamy Dollhouse Switching JSK in Mint or Lavender
Chess Chocolate Chest Ruffle JSK in any color, preferably brown (willing to include money in this trade.)
Mermaid Symphony OP in any color
Wonder Party Mini Sleeve OP in any color but Sax Blue
Melty Chocolate Mini Sleeve OP in any color
Milky Fawn JSK with fully shirred back in pink or white
Sugar Pansy OP in Mint or Lavender
French Cafe OP in Blue, Red, or Black
Marchen Ribbon Back Frill JSK (fully shirred) in Sax Blue or Black

I'm also looking to buy a Milky Dot Chiffon JSK in Pink, Yellow, or Mint. I'm not a fan of the Black. Just make me an offer on this one, not sure what to ask. Also willing to put the sugary carnival skirt in if you're looking to trade yours :)

Thank you for looking~~~
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