ashu (ilikeyouratoms) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Pink twintail wig, Bodyline apple bag, BTSSB blouse & socks

My Feedback

-Shipping within the US is included in the prices, for international shipping it's $5 extra.-

Pink Twintail Wig

The color is a lot more pink IRL, the lighting in my bathroom is terrible.

$35 shipped

-I bought this from Cosplay-Wig on ebay; they have very high quality wigs.

Bodyline Apple Bag

$15 shipped

-stock photo here
-brand new condition

Pink longsleeved BTSSB blouse

$50 shipped

-it has a small mark on the sleeve, but it's barely noticeable. (photo below)
-I bought it directly from the Baby Paris store, only selling because it doesn't suit my style anymore.

BTSSB knee-high poodle socks

$24 shipped

-they are actually very sparkly IRL.
- also bought from the Paris store; only selling because they don't suit my style anymore.

Additional Notes:
- I live in a smoke-free home, but I do have cats & dogs, so please be aware of that if you're allergic.
- I'm open to haggling.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline
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