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DS: 20% reduction on Meta headdress and ITS black blouse! Also, A+Lidel Offwhite Cutesew!


~A Few Things~
-all sales final
-paypal only
-ask me about international shipping
-I know there are a lot of NYC lolitas so if one of you doesn't want to pay the shipping price I can give the item(s) to you in person :)
-I'm going to Boston, MA in a couple weeks so if you want to pick up the items there let me know
-I forgot to add my name on a post it to some of the items - if you want another pic with proof, let me know
-ask me if you have any questions about the items or if you want more pictures, etc
-I have cats

#1: Metamorphose Headdress (White) - $16 + $3 shipping
-I'm the second owner, but I've only worn it once or twice, so it is still great condition


detail of the middle

detail of the bow

#2: In the Starlight black shirred blouse - $25 + $5 shipping
-worn a few times; since it is fully shirred, it is very stretchy in the waist and bust. I was fine w/a 31" waist and 36" bust, and it could stretch a lot more. Let me know if you want exact max measurements. cute heart buttons!

detail of the front

worn photo:

#3: A+Lidel Offwhite Cutsew - $20 + $5 shipping
Bought at Closet Child in Japan a while back, but I've only worn it a couple times. I don't have exact measurements but it fit me fine, and could probably stretch a little more too (36" bust, 29" waist)

detail of the wrist

detail of the shoulder area

detail of the bow. As you can see, it is frayed somewhat on the bottom.

worn photo:

IW bowclip, Demonia boots at previous sale:

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