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DS! Bodyline Fruits Parlor OP & MaM Parfait JSK for Cheap~

*Only accepting Paypal
*Please leave your location when inquiring for shipping
*I only ship via USPS Priority Mail
*If you request for a hold, I require a small deposit (a non-refundable $10 to hold your spot) because I've had trouble with people saying they're interested and backing out last minute
*I ship anywhere from 1-4 days after I get the payment
*Please note that after I ship I won't be held responsible for any damages or missing packages
*I may be slow with replies. On days where I work, it's usually an 11 hour shift with no access to a computer, so please be aware!


Fruits Parlor Bodyline Replica PinkxBlack SOLD
Please note that there are damages and a faint smoke smell and the back ribbon lacing is missing. These were there/missing before I got them. I had bought this from my friend who wanted to twin, but ended up letting me have it. The buyer they got it from didn't mention that it smelled of smoke. We tried really hard to get rid of it, but just be warned, if you have a sensitive nose you might still notice the smell. I personally can't since I used fabreeze on it. I absolutely love love love fruits parlor, but I dislike how this replica fits on me :/

Bust: 43" max
Waist: 35" max

There's a hole in the lace on the right arm sleeve

The waist ties are becoming loose. You just need to resew it

Maxicimam Parfait JSK $125 shipped OBO
I've only worn this a couple times inside, and never for more than a couple hours. I believe the previous owner only wore it a few times herself. It has a detachable bow on the front and detachable waist-ties. There aren't any flaws/stains that I can see, but it is wrinkled from being in storage.

Close up of the print

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
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