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DS: Offbrand black bloomers, socks, and lolita notebook

Payment: Paypal only
Shipping from Wisconsin
Items come from a clean, smoke-free home (I do own cats)
All sales final
Feedback here.

Offbrand Black Bloomers: SOLD

These are offbrand (Tracy Feith) black bloomers I purchased quite awhile ago and never used. They are a size 1 and are 100% cotton with eyelet trim. They can actually be worn as shorts in addition to bloomers - might be cute in a kodona outfit. They have a zip and button in the back, as well as two pockets on the sides. The pockets are quite large, although they don't zip or button shut. Lolitas hard pressed to find enough space in their purses might appreciate the extra space!

Offbrand Red & White Polka Dot Socks: $6 + $2.50 shipping

Purchased these from a user who may have worn them once or twice. I personally bought them for a dress I never ended up buying, so I never wore them. I can't really find any signs of wear/flaws. I don't recommend these for girls with large calves because they wouldn't look great/feel comfortable stretched out too much. They have a little ruffle at the very tops.

Offbrand Strawberry Print Socks: SOLD

I purchased this pair of socks because they came with a pair of striped socks I wanted for a coord. Sadly, I really can't wear print socks because my calves are too thick. These are brand new, never worn, tags removed. I've never even tried them on, because I knew there was no point! I did find an itty bitty grayish spot when I looked them over - see here. I'll throw in a free pair of blue strawberry socks I also got in a set awhile back (and threw into my drawer without a second look).

Lolita Notebook: $10 + $4.80 shipping

This notebook was purchased at an upscale mall in Beijing. I bought it on a whim but I've already graduated college and don't see myself using it! It features a cute girl in a classic lolita outfit against a greenish/blue background along with flowers, a smiling tea cup, candy, a bird, and a squirrel in a top hat with a cane! The cover is SUPER sparkly, but don't worry - it's not glitter, and the sparkles do NOT shed everywhere. There are also a number of sayings on it, including "Happy Day" in big font, and other smaller, rather strange sayings like "cute bean likes ride a bicycle." It has about 100 double-sided lined pages in it, with a spot for "Date" and "Page" in the upper right-hand corners.The cover is removable too, so once you've filled this notebook you can put another one in. It measures roughly 10" by 7 1/4".

Also selling a carousel pony plate here.

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