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DS: Small Clear Out

Rules/ Info
-My feedback is here.
-I ship from NY. 
-I accept Paypal only, I no longer charge fees though.
-Shipping isn't included unless stated otherwise
-I can ship international, but I usually only ship first class (untracked) on weekends.  Priority Mail (tracked) can be shipped any day.
-Once a package leaves my hands I am no longer responsible. Please request insurance or tracking if you'd like more security.
-You can negotiate some especially with multiple items.
-My measurements are amateur and done by myself unless stated otherwise.
-I now only do holds with a 20% nonrefundable deposit. 
-Right now I'm not really interested in trades except for specific items.
-First to leave Paypal gets items
 Thank you 
Offbrand Socks
Both only tried on
Gray: $3  $2 $1
Ribbons: $10  $8 $6, from Japan SOLD

Offbrand Chiffon Ruffle Blouse
Price: $18 $14
Measurements: B- 15.5"-16" flat across, W- 13" flat across, L- 21.5", Arm length- 22"
Info:  This blouse is new with tags but it is very small (the sellers measurements were pretty off...)  I have a 33" bust and 24" waist and it doesn't fit me in the chest.  

Plastic Flower Clip
Price: $4  $3, new, from Japan
Sideswept Fringe Clip- Black
Price: $5 $4
Info: purchased for a wig but I decided not to use it, it looks very nice and is soft.  It has only been tried on a wig.

Hellcatpunks Rebirth Tee
Back Yellowing

Price: $20
Info: Worn a few times, has some faint yellowing at the underarms.  Otherwise it's in great condition.  It looks very cute with sweet punk coords!

Paris Kids Mini Classic Hat
Worn  Repair
Price: $5
Info: I purchased this in Japan and I have only tried it on.  It's very cute for classic coords.  This hat has had one clip fall off but I repaired it with a new one (that is smaller though), it still clips on the same though!

Hello Kitty Purse

Price: $3
Info: Purchased from another user here.  It's very small and probably could only fit a cell phone and a pass case or extrmely small wallet.  There is some yellowing near the edges.

Offbrand Pearl Flower Headband PENDING
Price: $4, never worn

Metamorphose Sweets Time OP w/ Accessories SOLD

Back  Middle Bow  Hem Bow  Straps/ Bodice  Headbows  Headband  Comb

Price: $200 OBO
Measurements/ Info
My Info: I purchased this new in Japan and I have only worn it once for a few hours.  This set includes the OP, the hair comb and the headband.  The OP has a detatchable bow at the middle and small detatchable bows near the hem.  There are straps at the neckline that can be removed with buttons.  There is shirring and corset lacking at the back.  The cut is very flattering and it is a truly beautiful dress!

I still have Sax Sugary Carnival Socks to trade here for Lavender!
Thanks for looking!
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